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The Place: Los Angeles, CA

Time: 4:37:26 p.m.

Location: Empty warehouse owned by the Mozgov brothers (under a dummy corporation)

Federal agents in an undercover sting have just halted the sale of a suitcase nuke by the Mozgovs to a known terrorist organization. Older brother, Vladimir, has been captured. In the melee, younger brother, Dmitri, escapes with the suitcase. Dmitri is currently at large and considered extremely dangerous.

Mission: Finding nuclear device is a priority. Assigned to local agents for recovery.

Counter Terrorist Unit

The L.A. Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) through the efforts of Analyst, Chloe O'Brien, and another agent have tracked Mozgov to a small California town. While Chloe's methods are technological, the other agent's are a little more physical and persuasive much to the chagrin of Vladimir Mozgov who soon wishes he had never met his interrogator.

The Interrogator
The Interrogator

Jack Bauer, the lead agent in the L.A. CTU office, now has a lead on Dmitri. Woe to anyone who gets in his way.

But, as hardcore as Jack is, he's never met anything quite like what he's going to encounter. You see, Dmitri has retreated to the town of Charming, CA. And, he's allied himself with that town's resident bad boys who run the show in Charming.

The Sons of Anarchy


The badass motorcycle club extraordinaire is no stranger to opposing the law. Each member has a record a mile long. One of their biggest allies is the chief of the Charming police department! In essence, nothing happens in the town unless they allow it. Of course, much of the criminal activity is theirs!

The Mozgovs are well known arms dealers who aren't known for dealing in commodities larger than street-level weapons. So, of course, their first foray into dealing with larger scale arms was a disaster that got CTU nipping at their heels. Out of his depth and desperate, Dmitri retreats to the small CA town. But how does he get the notorious Sons, mere gun runners themselves, to protect him? People like the Mozgovs have connections, domestic and foreign ones. The Mozgovs have a connection near and maybe not so dear to all members of SAMCRO.

The Irish Kings

The True IRA. The high council located in Belfast is the main supplier of guns to SAMCRO. Guns are profitable. A nuclear device sold to the right buyer? That would be off the charts type of cash to play with. The Kings want the suitcase. They need Dmitri protected until their agents can make their way to the U.S. to acquire it. The Sons are just the bodyguards they need.

But, the problem is some members of SAMCRO may not be on board. Yes, they're criminals. Yes, they're not squeamish about urban warfare. But, nuclear armaments are out of their league and not in line with the ideals of some their members, particularly the club's Vice President, Jax Teller.

So, to keep everyone in line, the club's President, Clay Morrow, is given an incentive. Lie to his club about the true nature of why they are protecting Dmitri and they will cut him in on the profit of the suitcase's sale. Clay doesn't have the same type of moral convictions as his stepson, Jax, so, he's all too happy to oblige the Kings when dollar signs are held in front of him.

On Clay's part, he has to make up a cover story as to why the club is offering protection because he knows half the members would ally themselves with Jax and create a rift in the group. Jax goes along although he remains skeptical.


Jack and CTU track Dmitri to the Sons' clubhouse in Charming. Federal agents in the town don't go unnoticed, so, Dmitri has already been moved to another safehouse by the time CTU arrives. Jax becomes more suspicious. SAMCRO is no stranger to being on the wrong side of law enforcement. They've faced down police and the ATF for years trying to nab them on RICO charges. But, terrorism? "What are we into?", Jax wonders. Nuclear threats aren't publicized so there is no indication that Dmitri is anything but a low-level arms dealer. Clay isn't talking. Jack assumes the Sons already know why CTU is on his trail.

Obsessed to find the bomb, Jack relentlessly spends the day tearing through Charming and the surrounding areas. He encounters the Sons at various times as they try to stay one step ahead of him. Eventually, the inevitable happens and he finally comes to blows with the club's VP, each without their respective groups backing them up. It's here after their violent exchange that Jax learns the truth of what CTU is after.

Not wishing for his beloved club to have any dealings with this type of heat, he makes a deal with Agent Bauer. Galen O'Shea, the primary agent of the Irish Kings and someone Jax is not particularly fond of, will be in town later in the day to acquire Dmitri. The exchange will be made in one of the club's safehouses. CTU can arrest O'Shea, his henchmen, and Mozgov if they agree to let SAMCRO walk. After the Sons walk away from this, Jax intends to oust Clay as President.

Jack agrees. Calls are made. Documents are signed. The stage is set. However, Jax isn't entirely truthful about what time the exchange is supposed to happen. You see, the VP intends to make sure that Galen, Dmitri, and maybe even Clay himself meet "Mr. Mayhem" before CTU arrives. Arrests can't happen if SAMCRO doesn't want all-out war with the Irish Kings. They would know someone ratted them. A disagreement where people end up dead? Much easier to spin.

So, on the fateful meet, Jax exposes Clay's lies to the club. Sides are taken, words are exchanged. Punches are thrown. Bullets fly (fortunately the suitcase is in a van outside of the safehouse). Blood is spilled.

When CTU arrives minutes after the carnage, Agent Bauer finds a mortally wounded Jax outside laying near the van holding the case. No one inside the building is left standing. With his dying breath, Jax hands over the case to Agent Bauer.

The clock ticks down silently

Queue the Reaper


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