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These women are super sexy. They are both smart and know how to kick some serious ass. Gamora and Nebula are so much cooler than the women i currently know. If I'm fortunate, I'll meet some women like Gamora and Nebula. Odds are, that shit isn't going to happen. Doesn't matter what color your skin is when i think your sexy. I would much rather date an alien than a human any day of the week. Especially, if Gamora and Nebula are some of my choices. Guardians Of The Galaxy is an awesome Marvel film. I know it would be great. It did surprise many humans on it's success. Two ass kicking machines that happen to be female. Not to mention, they are the daughters of the great Thanos. That alone, scores them many points in my eyes. Without question, i would gladly work for Thanos. Thanos is a true artist, the way he goes about killing people. Absolutely spectacular. It would be an honor to stand by Thanos' side as we destroy the universe together. With his two beautiful daughters by my bed side.

Written By: Terrance Harris


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