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I love peanut butter, but whats better than peanut butter? thats right... Cake! Now lets talk about movies.
Isiah Zane Hodge

My name is Isiah, I love to make videos, short films or, write scripts for upcoming films i would like to do when i get the budget to do. Obviously making your own company from the ground up can be more difficult, but if you are like me then you won't have a problem.

I grew up watching films and listening to music, only adapting the wrong era. My mother taught me at an early age the golden years of film and other aspects of entertainment. I am currently 19 years old born in 1996 yet i tell myself "i grew up in the wrong year" I know more about film and music of the 60's, 70's, and 80's and i claim to be a "movie buff". Although superhero and comedies are great genre of films (including everything in between) Nothing really beats the good ol Horror genre.

When i was little i watched movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003) unaware of the cult classic of 1974. Hearing the sound of the chainsaw... ugh, still gets me to this day. Any camps around my hometown remind me of camp crystal lake... (thanks jason) and i was terrified of having nightmares because of freddy. i was born and raised on horror cult classics and new ones. The raw fear didn't start however... until 1999. I was 3 years old... still remember the day.... I first caught a glimpse of The Blair Witch Project.... The first ever found footage film. If i had to be a critic myself, the movie has to be on my top 3 horror movies of all time. The getting lost aspect, losing your friends in a enclosed woods that is haunted by a dead Salem witch? Yeah... F that.

The Fight (short film)

So when i was about 16 or 17. My best friend Zach and i were very into action/superhero movies. This was the uproar of the chained Marvel films to hype up the avengers. So Zach wanted to start making short films and upload them to Youtube. At the time all we had was a tripod, some tape and a I Pod. We filmed a movie called The Fight. Plot almost didnt exist. The story was about two random guys with weapons, one holding a dufflebag, were to fight over this bag. Well the first one was gun fight, and knife fighting and the end was the dufflebag being thrown off a mountain and we descended from a hill. Now we thought this was wicked... it was great and fun and we wanted to make another one... so we did.

The Fight 2

So this is where plans for "The Fight 2" came into play. We looked at the original and we wanted more of everything plus more fighting. So in this one, my character still had the dufflebag, and we meet our original plot again. We would fight over the bag again, well in this one Zach got away with the bag. I was really satisfied with this one so much so that talk for another one were over a month in advanced to remake, we wanted so much to go into this final film of the fight series that we wanted people to be amazed.. And its this time that i thought up that we needed a film company logo for the videos we were developing.

Hollywood Out Films

My first logo for the company
My first logo for the company

The name for the company was really hard to figure out honestly. We went through so many names, even mashing our names up into some weird version of the I Phone... the I Zach Films. Needless to say we were stuck. In 2006 my cousin was killed in iraq during the war and everyone around to honor him were getting tattoo's of his catchphrase "Hollywood Out" on them. Well i figured what better way to honor him by using it as a great film company name. So we made it offical and started on a script for the 3rd fight movie.

2nd attempt of making the logo
2nd attempt of making the logo

At this time we wanted to innovate.. to included never before things in this one rather then the normal fighting of the film. The dufflebag was still an issue and we filmed all day on this one short film, about 5 to 9 minutes long. Turns out all the footage was just gone about 3 days later... i don't know what happened but i was pissed..

The Fight 3

So after that accident, we took awhile off of the script writing and movies and started doing videos on YouTube. Nothing amazing, just little vlogs here and there. Until about mid summer of 2012 when we decided to say "screw the script, lets just do this thing". So we did, we packed up and made another silent fight movie about really nothing. The plot was just revenge. The dufflebag was lost in the shuffle so we didn't have a prop to work with. The 3rd one was just a wing it and get back into it. It was actually one of the most popular out of the 3. The fighting was more real, and the filming was spectacular compared to the other 2.

Untitled Horror Movie

In the process of making the 3rd fight film, we decided to make a untitle horror film for Youtube, however unfortunately it was so bad that we never uploaded it. The story followed a single camera man on a reality tv show ( kinda like horders) but in this Tv show, the owner leaves for the weekend. So we had this paranormal house was haunted by the ghost of the owner who was actually dead and protecting his dead children buried in the basement. The child would show himself as a little baby doll that was so freaky. Anyway as this camera man was working for the show he got locked in the house to pay for the wrong he did by entering the house. Followed by this little baby doll, he finally got outside to see the owner that quickly turned into the demon he really was, and killed the camera man. I honestly liked the story line, but it was just executed in the wrong way.

The Final Fight (The Fight 4)

After about 2 years of worrying about school and work Zach and i finally got back to start talking about making another short film. We talked many scripts, including a horror movie about a first person eye view of a stalker who haunts two guys who screwed him over with buying drugs. However we both decided that The Fight 4 would be the best route to take. After the last fight movie, my character was taken away by a car after the fight was over. So in this movie, we needed dialogue to keep it interesting. So the story was that my character was to kidnap Zach's brother and he was to fight with me, to get him back. We kept the dufflebag angle (without a dufflebag) and we were to trade. The fighting was the best of all time. It was a great film. However once again, due to some technical difficulties the video was never uploaded to YouTube..

Hollywood Out Films Channel on YouTube

So two years pass without making anything. I then make a YouTube Channel for Hollywood Out Films. Zach and i start talking again about making a legit full fledged film. We come up with a dramatic film about a trouble maker and a forgiver. We had the script halfway done and then we just stopped. I only had enough footage to make a trailer and it was my first video for the new channel.

We made some cool videos with affects and some video game stuff. Then i started for a script all by myself about a woodsman type slasher film. I called it The Woodsman and it was to follow the slasher elements of Texas Chainsaw (2013). One day i was reading an article in my local news website about the history of Logan County. Back in the 1800's there was a man by the name of Andrew Hellman who murdered his wife with a hatchet on Mcarther Township Road in Logan County just north of Bellefontaine Ohio. A light bulb just went off in the head...

Hatchet Man Road

I made a quick teaser for the possible film, and it popped.... everyone from that local area went nuts about the idea. So i pitched the idea to Zach and my friend Morgan and my fiance Addie. They all loved the idea and became my creative writing team for the script of Hatchet Man Road, that i am currently working on. The story follows a group of teens who prank a young boy on Hatchet Man Road and awakens the 200 year old slasher only to kill his last descendant. I am working really hard on this script... i hope it goes as planned.

So this is my story and i hope to get support from my movie brothers and sisters. I love the art of film and i hope to be one of the greats. I am the co creator of HOLLYWOOD OUT FILMS!!!


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