ByMax Holland, writer at

Just like the first film, this is a really good superhero flick.

It has a great and compelling storyline. Again, like the first one, they did a very good job making the characters likeable and believable.

The action scenes are intense and very well shot. There isn't a single moment when I was bored with the film and they did a very good job by making it action packed but still leaving room for the story. In fact, the action sequences are part of the story. Also, the CGI effects are quite well done.

The dialogue is great and often clever and funny. Ultron is a very fun villain. He is quite intimidating but at the same time, he can often be, what some would not expect, funny.

There are a couple of things that bugged me though. One thing is that the film is often overstuffed. While the film leaves room for the story, it seems to rely a bit too heavily on CGI effects. Another thing is the romance betwen Black Widow and the Hulk. Romance in a movie is not necessarily a bad thing, but it seems to stray a bit from the excitement of the rest of the film. Plus, the first film did not rely on romance so that part was a little disappointing. Even so, I liked the chemistry between The Hulk and Black Widow.

Overall, the film is not as good as the first one but it's still a very enjoyable flick.

In the end, Age of Ultron may not surpass it's predecessor but it is still a compelling action packed thrill ride that should be satisfying to big fans of Marvel superheroes.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is now in theaters.


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