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Dogs and movies, movies and dogs. Is this a dream come true for dog owners and movie lovers? Max joins a long line of films that focuses on the relationship of a dog and its owner.This formula has been done before and for some it has become tiresome, but then again this is a feel good movie. While reading this you are probably thinking about a dog-related movie that you either watched or heard about, It's probably Marley & me or Air-Bud, but those are merely common guesses. This film is probably going to silently do well at the box office given the subject matter.

Here's the plot synopsis for the film:

Military working dog Max, a Belgian Malinois, returns from service in Afghanistan, traumatized by his handler's death. He's adopted by the fallen Marine's family, and they help each other heal from their loss.

This kind of film will no doubt try to provoke a tear-jerker reaction from its audience, the trailer already foreshadows that something bad is going to happen despite how cheerful and upbeat it looks. Dog movies have always been some of the most loved cult hit films, some how they manage to make some kind of emotional connection and that is what makes them so addicting. Max looks like it will focus on a lot more than a dog with PTSD, it will also try to give commentary on the military and the effects it has on families and the soldiers who return from battle.The film also tries to push its young actors to the forefront as most of the adult characters are sidelined. It's not clear how this film will do at the box office since it will be going up against Ted 2 which is a follow-up to the first movie( already achieved cult status).Overall you will either be barking with joy or whimpering with sorrow when the film is over.

Max arrives in theaters June 26, 2015


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