ByMax Holland, writer at

This film is enjoyable for the most part. It introduces some new dinosaur hybrids which are cool as well as it features some of the classic dinosaurs that we are familiar with.

The characters are likeable and entertaining. I like the protagonists Owen and Claire and Claire's two nephews Zach and Gray. Our four main characters had good chemistry and you care for them when they are in dangerous situations.

I think Colin Trevorrow did a good job directing. It is visually impressive and the special effects are quite well done. It has some intense moments and I absolutely loved the final scene. I like the references and connections that it had with the first film.

However, I had a few problems with the film. One of them is the storyline. The story is a bit thin and too much of a repeat of the first film. Another problem that I had is the acting. While the acting is not bad, it was a bit uneven at times. Also, I think the comedic moments, while clever, could have been funnier.

Overall, I enjoyed Jurassic World and would pick it any day over "Jurassic Park III". I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Jurassic Park and/or dinosaur in general.

In the end, "Jurassic World" may not be the perfect follow-up to Jurassic Park and it may have needed more work in the story department, but it is a fun (and albeit nostalgic) thrill ride that should satisfy blockbuster goers.

Jurassic World is now in theaters.


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