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I previously did an article about the reason I believe Tony Stark is a shape shifting Chitari. But with the recent release of Avengers- Age of Ultron it solidifies my belief that Tony is indeed an Chitari they pretty much drop that Easter egg early in the movie clearing up for me my theory.

We all know that because of Tony's decision to create an interface for the Ultron program that will lead to the events of Civil war. But I will go further to say that after the Civil war event we are going to be seeing soon the secret invasion story line. This actually makes sense to do seeing that the infinity war event is a war that takes place on a earthly and cosmic level.

This is my prediction either in the Black Panther, Dr. strange, Spiderman, and Ms. Marvel could be the movies telling the secret invasion story line. I think that Dr. Strange will dip his sorcery into both realms like Thor, and the GOG. I have a very strong feeling that we will be introduce to Blue Marvel either before or after Thanos which I believe we will see him after the infinity war.

If Thanos is the Avengers 1st end boss what other end bosses will we see Galatus, Anti-man, or who ever eles Joss throws at earths mightiest heroes. I believe that he will take us to the recent incursions event that leads to multi-verse which mean we will probably see a DC vs Marvel movie after the phases of the comic book franchises draws to an end for DC and Marvel. We will be entertained for the next 2 and a half decades.

So when its all said and done before the reboots began we will eventually see Superman vs Hulk.


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