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Following the load of news regarding the next Halloween movie, I realized 2016 won't just be another year full of superhero heavyweights, but also a year for our favorite slasher icons to return and put Horror back in its place. Is this the final straw for our favorite slashers or is this a rebirth? Let's see...

Here is the list of slasher icons that will be making their comebacks in the next year or so.

Leatherface (2016)

Texas Chainsaw 3D was extremely successful whether you enjoyed the movie or not. And as a result the iconic chainsaw wielding Leatherface will be returning to theaters with the title named after himself. Since filming has already begun for the movie, it looks like they'll successfully reach their designated goal of a 2016 release for the movie.

The movie itself will be about Leatherface's years before the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Here's what the official plot synopsis is.

The story of this prequel will feature a teenage lunatic who eventually becomes Leatherface escaping a mental institution with three other inmates, taking a nurse along with them for the horrifying ride. Hot on their tail is a lawman who seems to be just as screwed up in the head as the escapees.

The duo taking on this entry in the iconic franchise are Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. Both of whom are best known for their blood infested french movies Inside, Among the Living, and Livid.

The producers of the movie have expressed their faith in the two directors, and are sure this entry won't be light on gore in the slightest.

“Some negative feedback said we didn’t go far enough with pushing the limits of horror. With our new directors, Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, anyone who is familiar with their previous French horror films, Inside, Among the Living or Livid, they’ll know we’re not going to shy away from violence to make something that is PG-13. This is going to be very cool, psychologically disturbing violent horror at its best.”

Child's Play 7 (2016, 2017?)

The next big name in Horror to get another movie in a year or so is [Child's Play](tag:586482). Which is still the only franchise to not reboot or remake itself yet.

A few months ago the director of several Child's Play films, Don Mancini said he was writing the script for the seventh movie. A few months have passed since then so we should be hearing news regarding the film very soon.

Friday The 13th (May 13th, 2016)

Probably the most anticipated movie on this list is the upcoming Friday The 13th movie, due out in early 2016. Rumors and facts have come and gone throughout the months, but this being the 13th film in the franchise, they have to make it right. Here are some of the things we know about this upcoming slasher flick.

  • It will not have any connection to the previous films, including 2009's remake/reboot. This will be another reboot all together.
  • It will NOT be a found footage film.
  • Jason will indeed be in the film.
  • The movie could possibly take place in the 1980s.
  • Jason's mother, Ms. Voorhees will probably be in the film
  • The people involved with the upcoming movie have said they are going to try and explain the decades old question of why Jason can't die.
  • It was/is rumored to be in 3D
  • The movie will in fact be released on Friday the 13th of next year.
  • David Bruckner (V.H.S.) is said to be directing this entry.

Since this will be the 13th film in the franchise, this entry will no doubt be one of the most wanted Horror films to come out in 2016.

Halloween Returns (2016)

Just two days ago Horror fans all over got a huge chunk of information regarding the next Halloween film. And gladly, it seems most people are satisfied with the details and rumored plot of the movie. Here are some of the things we know about the upcoming Halloween installment:

  • Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have finished writing the script.
  • Production for the movie starts in July.
  • Casting is said to have started already.
  • Marcus Dunstan is directing the movie.
  • The movie will be a ''Recalibration'' and won't have anything to do with Rob Zombie's two Halloween movies.
  • The story is said to take place after the original classic, Halloween 2
  • According to many rumors, Michael Myers will be on death row in the next movie. But will eventually escape and create havoc in Haddonfield once more.
  • The movie is named Halloween Returns

After many months of not knowing much about the next Halloween movie, this huge chunk of information is more than satisfying.

Later Slashers Due for a Comeback

Another Nightmare On Elm Street is said to be happening after the release of Friday The 13th. It will more than likely be another reboot.

Hellraiser is another franchise slated for a future reboot. Clive Barker, the director of the original movie has written/writing the movie. And is waiting on approval from the Weinsteins to go ahead with it.

This Is the Rebirth of Our Favorite Slashers

It's clear that the overflow of paranormal flicks and gore infested Horror movies aren't enough to save this dying genre. But thanks to the rebirth of our favorite slasher icons, Horror might just be worth watching again.

UPDATE: Since I've posted this article a new Freddy movie was announced! Nailed it!


Are YOU excited for the return of your favorite slasher icons?

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