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One foggy afternoon, Dick Grayson, Nightwing, walked into the bat cave to see Damian Wayne, Robin, training. "Hey Lil man how's it goin?" Dick asks Damian. "Don't call me Lil man you self agonizing douche bag." Damian says quietly without taking his eyes off of the punching bag, when suddenly his phone buzzez. Dick picks it up and sees that there is a text from Lexi, Damian's girlfriend.

" Hey sorry for not answering ur text messages I was sleeping and I had some weird dream where I was riding a horse through an open field and a tornado came out of nowhere. "

Dick quickly texts back

"That is so crazy! I had this dream where I was riding a horse naked thru a rose bush and thorns kept poking my ass!!"

Damian started to get angry when a portal opened at the Batcaves entrance where two people stumble through with a look of surprise on their face. The people are Kitty-Pryde and Quicksilver. "Where are we!?!" He turns to ask her. "I don't know. Maybe they can tell us?" She points to Nightwing and Robin. "Hello, you seem like you are lost." Dick says to Kitty-Pryde trying to say it with a low sexy tone. "Leave the poor girl alone Dickie. How may we help you?" Damian says towards the two lost X-men. "Well we were fighting Mystique with Wolverine when suddenly we were being vaccumed into some space hole thingy majiger." Quicksilver says. "I-no we don't know who either of those people are bu-" Damian gets cut off mid-sentence when the Batcomputer gets a special call from the mad titan himself: Thanos. "Hello Hero's I see you have met each other and joined together in conversation. All I wanted to say was that Darkseid and I have sent three meteors to your coordinates and you have 6 minutes to stop them from destroying Gotham City. Good luck" The screen goes black and the 4 hero's sit in silence before Nightwing says I'll get the jetpacks!" He runs over to get them and gives one to each person. They run outside and already see the meteors making streaks in the sky. Suddenly Kitty-Pryde flies up towards the meteors and flies straight for one of them when Quicksilver flies up to get her with Robin and Nightwing behind him."NO!!!" Quicksilver screams as he sees Kitty-Pryde fly into one of the meteors and it explodes along with her and her jetpack. Sending fiery pieces of small rock everywhere. Damian and Dick then fly further up and throw millions of small bombs the size of miniature flower petals. When the second meteor explodes a flaming rock the size of a garbage can speeds toward Quicksilver and out of amazement starts spinning his hands very quickly to try and stop it but the rock smashes into the ground taking him with it. Damian and Dick then blow up the final meteor with the small explosives. Once the two get back in the Batcave, Batman sprays them with memory spray causing them to forget the last two hours and meeting the X-Men.


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