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I think I'm the youngest creator on MP. And the most irrelevant
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First of all I'm die hard fan of The Princess Diary. The Books. NOT THE FREAKING MOVIES. You may love the movies. But if you had read the books, the movies would have been a BIG disappointment. Part 1- not so much. Part 2 literally fuck the whole thing up, because it isn't based on the book. Mia her self even mocks The Princess Diary part 2 in one of her book

I was going to write a fan-casting about The Princess Diary yesterday, but I decided to not do it, because it's totally irrelevant. But suprise suprise, today I open my new feed and this come up:

According to The Tracking Board, Disney is planning a third installment of β€œThe Princess Diaries,” and our pre-teen selves are BARELY holding it together right now.


But anyway, back to the topic , here what we should expect:

1. It will be a remake

Like I said before, the movies are so far from the books and irrelevant to the teenagers today. So it should remake the whole damn thing. Mia, in the movies , is totally a shallow HIPSTER. There're so many things that the movies didn't bring up about Mia.Her fat cat, her text with friend, her sarcasm, her Star Wars love poems, her hatred of algebra ,her crush,...And to explore that fabulous side of Mia we should MAKE MIA's RANT MORE RELEVANT

In the books, she rant about reality television, movies, Paris Hilton, life style,school, clinque . How fun could it be if our movie princess rant about the Kardashian; music these day: Iggy, Kanye,Miley,...; Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,...?


Oh, and one more thing: MORE GRANDMERE


We all love Anne Hathaway, she fits the description in the book perfectly 100%:tall , no chest, awkward, used to be brunette but dyed her hair blonde, oh wait.But she's too old for Mia, because Mia is 14 in the first book and 18 in the last one till recent Meg Cabot decided to write a new book an adult version about her Wedding or some shit.Let's hope this isn't what the movie about.But back to the topic you know who would be perfect as Mia. It's....

Jokes, she's too old. And that's partly I don't finnish my fan-casting. DON"T JUDGE ME.

So what do you think? Can you help me finnish my fan-casting? Let me know in the comment (If anyone bother to care about this meaningless post)


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