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The speculation and pining over what we want to see in Downton Abbey Season 6 may as well come to an end now. Co-executive producer, Julian Fellowes has announced publicly that he has finished writing every episode of the final series. That means the ending to our now favorite show is set in stone. No more proclamations of what we fans want to see will make a difference. The fate of the Crawley family and Downton in general is sealed. So what do we know for sure about the upcoming Downton Abbey Season 6?


Despite some rather fruitless speculation on my part, Downton Abbey Season 6 will not be making a huge leap in time mid way through the Season. It would have been cool to see where the characters would be as they enter the 30s, and how the show would make that look, but it seems we're staying firmly within the 20s. This decision is likely grounded within Fellowes' desire to retain the style and romanticism of the time. By not delving into such unpleasant territory as the great depression and the rise of fascism in Europe, Downton Abbey keeps that sense of nostalgia and optimism that made so many fall in love with it.

So more of this!
So more of this!

A wedding

This is a detail Fellowes will be likely to exploit in promoting Downton Abbey Season 6. To end with a wedding would be the best way for the show to leave the audience feeling cared for, and to give a sense of closure and finality for the characters. The question remains, whose wedding will this be?

Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes are the most likely candidates, considering that the most recent Christmas special ended with them engaged. If we're being generous, Lady Edith's chemistry with Bertie Pelham could blossom into a happy ending (and God knows she needs one), and if we are to be truly utopian, the potential between Lady Mary and Matthew Goode's Henry Talbot could bring us something. We're still unsure if Goode will be available for Downton Season 6, due to his commitment to The Good Wife. All I can say is that, if an attempt is made to replace Goode as Talbot, I'm throwing a fit!

A family conflict

Likely involving this lady!
Likely involving this lady!

This is classic Downton territory, yet considering that Fellowes supposedly wishes to end the series with characters on good terms, it will be interesting to see how a conflict like this is managed. Tensions have been building between cousins Violet and Isobel Crawley over the past couple seasons, culminating in Isobel very nearly marrying Lord Merton. This came to no avail, due to his sons being the absolute worst, but the potential still remains that Isobel will attempt to rise in the ranks through revisiting this relationship. Again, Violet, along with most fans, seemed very pleased with the potential for a relationship with the family doctor, Richard Clarkson, being kept alive.

A feel-good ending

Given how willingly Downton Abbey sometimes dives into despair and cruelty, I'm almost surprised Fellowes is intending to end the series on a high note. Then again, the entire construction of the suffering and tribulations of the characters at Downton seems to have been in the name of them one day achieving the happy ending they deserve. Perhaps it's only appropriate that Fellowes allows Downton Abbey Season 6 to have a feel good ending. Despite its constant fabrication of drama, I really could not see Downton Abbey leaving fans hanging.

Downton Abbey Season 6 is now roughly half way through shooting, and much could happen between now and when it broadcasts in the Fall. What are your thoughts on the ending of such a beloved, long-running show? Write a post about it here on MoviePilot, vote in our poll, or leave a comment below!


What about Downton Abbey Season 6 are you most excited for?


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