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Twenty years ago, a peculiar animation film hit our big screens, alongside doubts whether the comedy adventure movie would be a success at all.

Yet, thankfully, with Toy Story, producers Pixar and Disney made their first foray into creating full-feature computer animated films, and it is safe to say, due to its success, they have never looked back since.

Today, we all recognize and readily love the wonderful story that focuses on a group of anthropomorphic toys that come alive when their human owners aren't looking. Yet, how much do you actually know about one of the top grossing animation franchises ever created? Take a look at the following 7 facts to top up your knowledge on everything Toy Story:

1. Pixar started off with a completely different direction

For starters, Woody wasn't even the original lead of Toy Story. He was originally meant to be a sidekick to another short movie's character, Tinny.

And he was also envisioned as a wooden ventriloquist dummy, rather a fully fledged upholstered rag-doll in his own right! The change was made when the creator decided they needed a main character to counteract Buzz Lightyear.

2. The vocal chord prototypes changed significantly in the development process

For example, Paul Newman was once the top pick for Woody's voice, whilst Jim Carrey was to reprise Buzz. Yet, the budget to cast such high-profile actors at the time simply wouldn't allow it.

The roles eventually went to Tom Hanks (Woody) and Tim Allen (Buzz).

3. Pixar failed to secure the rights to making Barbie Woody's love interest

American toy company Mattel were worried that the movie was going to be a huge flop so didn't want their prime product to be involved.

Naturally, Mattel was more than happy to join in on the subsequent sequels. Watch Barbie and Ken meet for the first time in Toy Story 3:

4. Speaking of Barbie in the movies, she also shares her voice with Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Jodi Benson brought both roles to life!

5. Toy Story 2 was meant to be a video release only

Yet close to the end of production, Disney and Pixar realized they had created something special, worthy of a big screen release.

They definitely made the right decision.

6. The Buzz Lightyear fantasy sequence was recycled from other movies

For example, the alien planet surface is actually from A Bug's Life. Watch the sequence yourself and see if you can pick up on the similarities:

7. Lotso was created several years before, during the original Toy Story

Even though the character never came into play, due to technical problems with making him look realistic, until the third installment.

Hopefully the following facts gave you a little bit more insight into the effort that went into creating one of the best animation franchise's in all of history. Take a look at the full video of what went on behind-the-scenes in more detail below:



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