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YouTube has been around for quite some time now, and ever since the beginning, there's always been the big names of YouTube. Some of the most recent examples would be YouTubers such as Smosh (and their million other channels...), Pewdiepie, GameTheorists and many others. We've all seen the good and bad side of YouTube, and I believe I found something very good. It was a group of YouTubers in group called the Basic Staff. Within the group are a number of YouTubers hoping to climb the ranks of YouTube with the names of Pastel Jellyfish, the Timanater, Spudtech, Cringing Waffle, Yodaman32, and General Cruznov. While this group is not very popular, I see large potential in these young, hopeful bunch of YouTubers, and I believe they have the creative power to become a big name. They cover everything from gaming to Mother's Day gifts. So next time you're surfing YouTube, you might want to check this group out, and see for yourself the young, talented group of YouTubers.

Pastel Jellyfish

Pastel Jellyfish primaryly does gaming videos (as you can see, very long sometimes), but dabbles in other things such as playing and singing songs with his trusty ukele!

The Timanater

By far the most active one in the group. The Timanater's videos are mostly cinematic ones, but he too dwells into the gaming side of YouTube every now and then.


So far Spudtech has only posted a single video, which is a gaming one. However, it does feature the Timanater in it and is fairly entertaining!

Cringing Waffle

Cringing Waffle has yet to post anything, but according to his page, he will mostly work on gaming videos. He can also be seen in a few if the Timanater's older videos.


Similar to Cringing Waffle, Yodaman32 hasn't posted anything, and actually hasn't even made his channel yet, but he's been mentioned in a few other videos in the group. He too is featured on the Timanater's page.

General Cruznov

General Cruznov has only done let's play, primarily of World of Tanks and Mine Craft.


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