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UPDATE: According to Entertainment Weekly the latest news is that rumors of a Princess Diaries 3 as reported by The Tracking Board were actually incorrect. As sad at this news is, hopefully the groundswell of support for a new movie will show Disney that the demand for a sequel is there - a girl can hope!

Hold onto your crowns, because this news is way bigger than orthodontia: 14 years after Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi officially became Princess of Genovia, Walt Disney Pictures is reportedly moving forward with The Princess Diaries 3!

The royal news was reported earlier this week over on The Tracking Board, though Disney has yet to confirm the news, let alone confirm if the stars of the original two Princess Diaries films, Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews will be reprising their roles as Princess Mia and Queen Clarisse. While the stars are unconfirmed, The Tracking Board has reported that producer Debra Chase (of Martin Chase Productions) will return for the film, having served as producer on the previous two films.

While news of a sequel over a decade after the previous films were released may seem strange, one would do well to remember the words of Queen Clarisse Renaldi:

The original Princess Diaries film, which was based on Meg Cabot's popular novel series, was released back in 2001, and starred Anne Hathaway in her feature film debut. Following the film (and the 2004 sequel in which she reprised her role), Hathaway's career grew in leaps and bounds, with the star earning two Academy Award nominations and one win for her part as Fantine in Les Miserables.

Dame Julie Andrews also starred in both the original and the 2004 sequel, though her involvement in any future films looks particularly unsure seeing as the now 79-year-old actress hasn't made a film appearance since voicing a character in the 2010 animated film Despicable Me.

There has been no news on the whereabout of Fat Louie or whether or not the feline is interested in reprising his role.

Interestingly Meg Cabot, author of the Princess Diaries novel series, has recently released 'Princess Diaries XI: Royal Wedding,' so perhaps there's hope that any future film may involve material from this book. We look forward to finding out more news about the sequel from Walt Disney Pictures in the future.

Source: MTV via The Tracking Board


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