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(Warning - mild potential SPOILERS for Captain America: Civil War lie below. Read on at your own, very mild, peril...)

If there's one movie set for release in 2016 that's more burdened with expectation than any other, it's Captain America: Civil War. Sure, X-Men: Apocalypse is eagerly anticipated, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has the weight of a Cinematic Universe on its shoulders - but it's Civil War that comes loaded with something even more difficult to bear: the expectation that it somehow be even better than an entire Cinematic Universe's worth of awesomeness.

What's more, with it being based on a popular - and widely read - comic book crossover event, that expectation is also inherently tangled up with the desire of many fans to see the film faithfully adapt its source material.

Especially the punching bits...
Especially the punching bits...

Now, when it comes to base-level awesomeness, we're just going to have to wait until the movie's release next May to finally find out just how great the movie can be - but as far as faithfulness goes, we're already well on our way to finding out that the adaptation is going to be...fairly loose.

After all, the film is going to be far more Cap-centric than the more balanced, and Spider-Man-filled comic book event was, what with it being the third part of his own movie trilogy.

The latest images captured from the set (via JustJared), though, might just hint at the movie moving even further away from its source material in one particular respect...

The big question, then?

Is This Cap (and His Gang's) Headquarters?

Now, on the surface, that looks a whole lot like an Institute for Infectious Diseases - and therefore not what you would call a natural base for authority-defying superheroes. It is, however, in a fairly tropical locale (which suggests Wakanda), and looks distinctly run-down. Could it be a Nick Fury-provided safe haven, one which through its Wakandan location draws the Black Panther into the fight?

After all, Anthony Mackie's Falcon sure does seem to be hanging around in civilian clothes on set...

Now, in terms of the movie, that all sounds like a great idea - but in terms of adapting the comic book, it might just take the film even further away from the original. After all, the story was originally very much centered on the United States, so any move to an international setting will inevitably require changes to the source material. Similarly, the Black Panther's role in the comics - of an experienced monarch who remains neutral, before eventually feeling forced to side with Cap - is unlikely to be directly mirrored in the movie, especially if Cap ends up using his country as an impromptu sanctuary without his expressed permission.

Or, y'know, The Falcon just visits an entirely unrelated Institute for Infectious Diseases at some point...

Either way, Civil War could well be set to be pretty darned surprising for fans of the comics...

What do you reckon, though?



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