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Jurassic World has flattened the box office in it's reptilian stride, but in the wake of its colossal success, have we let the enormous (quite literally) significance of a certain character pass us by?

Back in December last year, My esteemed colleague Mark Newton posted a hypothesis that the original T. Rex of Jurassic Park fame had survived to become a recurring character in Jurassic World.

And it turns out he was right.

Rexy just doing her thang in Jurassic Park
Rexy just doing her thang in Jurassic Park

Don't believe me? Check out the compelling evidence below that proves the affectionately nicknamed "Rexy" was the T. Rex in Jurassic World.

Rexy's Last Stand

The last time we come face-to-face with Jurassic Park's formidable T. Rex, she's teaching the velociraptors to respect the queen of the food chain the hard way, but not even this powerful predator escaped their razor sharp talons unscathed.

As you can see from the GIF above, the velociraptor lacerates the T. Rex's neck in almost the exact location that the scars we see in Jurassic World appear.

The velociraptor strike still bears its scars
The velociraptor strike still bears its scars

If you pause the video, you can also see bloody wounds on the T. Rex's jaw, that appear as healed scars on the Jurassic World T. Rex.

An official image of Jurassic World's T-Rex with showing scarring
An official image of Jurassic World's T-Rex with showing scarring

Evidence of Survival

As you can see from the extract from the official Jurassic World website above, T. Rex has probably been roaming wild and free on the Isla Nublar for the last 25-years.

This means that the beast that saves everyone from Indominus Rex is most likely none other than Rexy herself!

Refining Her Hunting Skills

Herbivorous dinosaurs, AKA dinner
Herbivorous dinosaurs, AKA dinner

As the website text suggests, the T. Rex on Isla Nublar had time to refine her skills as a "legendary predator in her natural domain" by hunting down herbivorous dinosaurs to devour.

As Grant found out, at least some of the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar had managed to breed, so Rexy wouldn't have been short of living snacks to feast on.

Although the animals were supposedly scientifically unable to survive without manmade Lysine supplements, we learned in Lost World that the resourceful dinosaurs were able to find Lysine from natural sources, which again supports the theory that Rexy survived.

But What About That Skull?!

A lot of skeptics to this theory are bringing up the decaying T. Rex skull and bones that were discovered in the old park section, but there is an easy explanation for these.

Check out the full sized T. Rex skeleton top right!
Check out the full sized T. Rex skeleton top right!

Remember the huge skeleton that was mounted in the visitor center? Yep, that was a T. Rex and these are probably what was left of it.

From the Horse's Mouth

If all of that movie proof isn't enough for you, Colin Trevorrow has actually confirmed that we are indeed coming face-to-face with one of the most beloved '90s 'baddies' in Jurassic Word. The director told Scified that:

"The T. Rex that’s in the film is the T. Rex from the original Jurassic Park. She is 22 years older. But she’s not limping around."

So, if the T. Rex in Jurassic World looked familiar to you, it's because it's really is the same dinosaur!

(Source: Buzzfeed and Scified)


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