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If you've seen this summer's bombastic blockbuster Jurassic World, you're already aware of the human tragedy that befell the dino-infested Isla Nublar, but did you know that there was a real life, near-fatal accident on the actual set?

Don't worry, no one was hurt - but that didn't stop the endlessly endearing Chris Pratt from thinking he had totally killed one his co-workers! Check out his interview with Conan below for the full story. Pratt is discussing how they filmed the scenes with the CGI dinosaurs, considering the prehistoric beasts were not added in until post production...

"You want something you can really react to, so what they did is they got this stuntman, Marty."

"Marty is a little person, but stout - he's this buff little person, and a stud stuntman."

"He works all the time - he's very durable. And I was holding him, and he's in green spandex."

"And then he's snarling at me and growling at me."

"You're gonna see my face, and that is pure terror!"

"And so what I do [in the scene] is I throw the thing down and it's dead. And so, I throw him...I chucked him and he smashed his head - his head hits really hard."

"Of course, his job was then to just lay there still like he was dead. And the whole scene I was like 'Oh, I just killed Marty.'"

"Nope, he gets up, he's like 'Argh man, it's all good.' He gets up and he's bleeding all down his face. They clean him up, and he did another take."

He wasn't lying about Marty's durability, brushing off a blow to the head like nothing - now that's a stuntman!

Check out the full video below:

[Source: Conan]


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