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The Evil Queen is one of the most iconic and ruthless Disney villains, finding her place on the silver screen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. The more recent Tangled, released in 2010, features a (seemingly) new Disney villain called Mother Gothel.

But, hypothetically: What if the Evil Queen had not actually died in Snow White and had shape shifted and moved far away, becoming Mother Gothel in Tangled? After reading M-Magazine's article I was inspired to have a dig around and see if these ladies could be the same person. It sounds like a wacky theory right, but bare with me and all will be revealed.

Did the Evil Queen really die?

So here is The Evil Queen's death scene, we can only assume she is dead here, but we don't actually know. This witch has a whole variety of powers and she would have tried her utmost to save herself. After all, if she had died she would no longer be 'the fairest of them all,' right?

Are these witches twins separated at birth, or are they the same person? Take a look:

They have the same eye brows, bulging chin, popping out eyes. The only difference with the hair is that Mother Gothel has gotten herself a perm or weave...

Mother Gothel goes to extremes to stay looking youthful. Her method? Kidnapping Rapunzel and locking her in a tower deep in a forest, pretending she is her mother. Rapunzel's hair has magical healing powers received from The Magical Golden Flower. These golden locks are her personal fountain of youth and she takes away Rapunzels's freedom to feed her obsession with beauty.

Mother Gothel discovers the flower too and keeps it for herself. Using its healing powers to keep herself looking younger. Without the magic she looks around 80 years old with saggy skin and a ton of wrinkles.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?

The Evil Queen who wants to be 'The Fairest of Them All' a.k.a. the most beautiful in the kingdom, sharing the same obsession with youth and beauty as Mother Gothel. They are both vain, arrogant, and self-obsessed, using spells in an effort to maintain their beauty:

Here is Mother Gothel telling Rapunzel, "I see a strong confident beautiful young lady, oh look your here too," sound familiar...?

They Both Have a Similar Dagger

Then there is the dagger that both of these villains possess.

Mother Gothel with her dagger:

Now take a look at The Evil Queen's box, the dagger on the box looks like a replica of Mother Gothel's. Featuring matching dots on the handle, along with curves:

They Are Both Abusive Age-Shifters

These villains both find ways to put those they should care for in danger and shape shift between being old and being young and beautiful:

Also, did you notice the poison apple behind Eugene after Mother Gothel stabs him?

So there is the theory, I am still not entirely convinced, although I think Tangled has definitely pulled a lot of inspiration from Snow White. The similarities are hard to ignore! What do you think?


Are Mother Gothel and The Evil Queen the same person?


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