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I've always thought that the anthropomorphic characters of Kung Fu Panda bared a certain resemblance to their human voice actors (Po and Jack Black especially!), but what if the deadly Furious Five were suddenly transformed into actual people?

What exactly do their inner, ass-kicking spirits look like in human form? Well, some supremely talented fan artists have channeled their creativity to answer that question.

Here are the original versions of the cast for reference:

And here they are as humans!

This awesome interpretation came from CoraOrvat, who really nailed each character's unique style. I lover Viper's geisha-inspired dress, and Crane's straw beak-replacement!

Take a closer look at the martial arts masters below:

Viper and Monkey

Tigress, Po and Crane


Some other fans took up their artistic arms, offering some alternate takes on the humanized warriors:

The Fat and the Furious






What do you think? Do they look like you had imagined?

[Source: DeviantArt]


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