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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The discerning horror fan likes a bit of the weird and obscure with their gore. These movies all blew my mind in different ways, drawing you in until you've utterly forgotten you're reading subtitles.

If you're feeling in the mood for something obscure, disgusting and oddly rewarding, check out one of these trippy horror gems...

1. A Ma Soeur (2001)

Country: France

Catherine Breillat, the wild child of French cinema, did not set out to make a horror movie, but A Ma Soeur - titled Fat Girl for the international audience - is still one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen. The halcyon days of youth take a sinister turn, and two sisters suffer horribly before the catastrophic denouement. Be prepared.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: The ending. No spoilers but... it's not what you expect.

2. Witching and Bitching (2013)

Country: Spanish

A brilliant mix of heist, comedy, fantasy and witchcraft, this exuberant Spanish madness is a movie that makes you smile, even when you're wincing. Gorgeously filmed and delightfully weird, I challenge any movie fan not to find something they like floating within its strange brew.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: the 'birth' scene

3. Hausu (1977)

Country: Japan

Without a doubt, Hausu - or House - is the weirdest movie I've ever seen. Imagine a carnival haunted house ride viewed through the eyes of a psychotic break, soundtracked by a Japanese version of The Monkees and you'll be halfway there. Casually put this on the DVD player with no warning and watch your friends freak the hell out.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: Girl gets eaten by a piano

4. Alucarda (1977)

Country: Mexico

What begins as your standard nuns-gone-wrong possession movie descends into a spiraling, semi-Sapphic orgy of gore and Satanism. It's the only movie I've ever seen with more screaming than The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: naked girls covered in blood. Lots of them.

5. Doll Master (2004)

Country: Korea

If you like your movies to make sense, maybe give Doll Master a miss. However, if you like baffling Korean movies that prize odd deaths over logic, stick this one on. These vengeful Asian toys make Chucky look like a Barbie doll.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: Girl gets mangled to death and crammed into a giant doll-toilet.

6. Big Bad Wolves (2013)

Country: Israel

The black humor and teeth-gritting torture of Big Bad Wolves combine to create an intelligent movie that maintains enough pacy violence for the most impatient of horror hounds. The 'hero' - a cop desperate to wring a confession from a suspected pedophile - will stop at nothing; no wonder this was Tarantino's favorite movie of 2013.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: the reveal at the end. WOW.

7. Schramm (1994)

Country: Germany

If you enjoyed Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer or Michael Haneke's Benny's Video, check out Schramm. It's interesting to see a German take on the 'serial killer POV' movie, and Schramm is truly a weird and repulsive fellow - unsurprisingly, as the role is loosely based on real life serial killer Carl Panzram.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: The titular character has many strange habits, including nailing his foreskin to a table.

8. Mystics in Bali (1988)

Country: Indonesia

If Hausu wasn't on this list, Mystics in Bali would be the most unstoppably bizarre film you'd read about today. A non-stop barrage of eye-bendingly odd and horrific things happen, but the jolly, multi-colored effects make it all strangely enjoyable.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: a gross floating head eating a gross fetus out of a half-dead lady's gross lady garden.

9. Dust Devil (1992)

Country: South Africa

Dust Devil is an odd movie, and not one many people have seen. Vaguely inspired by a South African serial killer thought to have magical powers, the Dust Devil is a traveling hitchhiker who unleashes total chaos on all he touches. Part of his mystique is that he's very handsome, making him a kind of female version of Sil from Species.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: the total evisceration sequence.

10. A Serbian Film (2010)

Country: Serbia

I have many feelings about A Serbian Film, most of them surprisingly positive. For a stream of unmitigated brutality, the movie manages to have a lot of depth and social satire running through it. If you can stomach it, watch it. If not, read the breakdown instead.

Weirdest / Most Disturbing Moment: A guy gets stabbed in the head with an erect penis... and that's not even the worst part of this movie.

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