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MTV's Punk'd was an unbelievably cruel way to really peer inside celebrities and see what made them tick, but it's the ones who cracked under the pressure who will always stay with us.

Whether they laughed, cried or had a severe rage stroke, the celebs below are responsible for some of the most riotous Punk'd moments Ashton Kutcher has ever cooked up, but did your favorite make the list?

5. Beyoncé vs. Christmas Tree

Season: This momentous Punk'd prank took place in Season 2 of the show.

What Happened: In one of my all time favorite Punk'd episodes, Beyoncé attempts to light up some cherubic children's Christmas, but instead ends up nearly crushing them like slugs with an enormous tree.

The expression on her face when she saw the tree plummeting to the ground is forever etched into my mind.

Best Quote: "You ruined Christmas!"

Then and Now:

4. Kanye West's Jigging Rebellion

Season: Kanye showed us all the Yeezus jigs in Season 3.

What Happened: Kanye is pulled aside for not having a permit on the set of his 'Jesus Walks' video and he fights the man with the only weapons he has - some serious fancy footwork and repetitive chanting.

Best Quote: "We can walk wherever we want!"

Then and Now:

3. Driving Miss Duff

Season: This classic car-based Punk'd happened in Season 2.

What Happened: Hilary Duff is taken on an anxiety inducing driving lesson from hell with a lunatic who thinks stop signs are optional and pedestrians are bowling pins in the making.

After a fight with an abusive cabbie, she is forced into undergoing a car chase straight into the cackling arms of Ashton Kutcher.

Best Quote: "They didn't have a crosswalk though, so you could have hit 'em."

Then and Now:

2. BOOM Goes Elijah Wood!

Season: Elijah Wood made a big bang in Season 7.

What Happened? Elijah Wood tosses a cigarette into a dumpster and causes a huge explosion that triggers a mousetrap-like reaction with some nearby scaffolding, destroying a car below.

After pleading with an actor dressed as a cop and promising he would never smoke in the car again, the ruse is up and Elijah's quivering like a blancmange. Bless.

Best Quote: "Keep driving, get out of here!"

Then and Now:

1. Drake Shake

Season: Drake was one of the latest people to fall victim to the Punk'd prank machine in Season 9.

What Happened: After being convinced he is being driven to meet the Vice President, Joe Biden, Drake ends up in a staged earthquake in a parking garage and almost soils himself with fear.

Probably one of the meanest Punk'ds to date, but also one of the funniest...

Best Quote: "So we don’t get to meet the vice president? I called my mom and everything!"

Then and Now: Seeing as the episode aired in 2014, there really isn't much difference here, but I'm always down for an excuse that gives more Drake.


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