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If you blinked, you might have missed any promotion of the new set of episodes.

That's probably because the powers that be really don't promote much or maybe it’s because the show’s creator and host, Jerry Seinfeld, entrenching himself in a controversy over his view of excessive political correctness amongst today’s college students and why he (and other comics) won’t do stand-up on campuses.

Regardless, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee remains an organic, interview-on-the fly show where a legendary comedy insider, Mr. Seinfeld, somehow manages to get in the head of a variety of stand-ups and comedic actors, whether they are in one of a range of classic vehicles or sipping coffee in left or right coast java shops.

Each installment features a single guest and runs less than a half-hour.

With Stephen Colbert...more like Col-beard.
With Stephen Colbert...more like Col-beard.

Despite the back drop of the show, the bottom line is that the good, reasonably intelligent conversation is what makes it tick.

It’s also why it’s not on network or cable television, largely for the reasonably and intelligent part. There are no contrived bits or no topical monologues.

Video streaming networks generally don’t disclose viewing results but Mr. Seinfeld, in an interview last year with, said that views of the show topped 25 million.

Chronic over-actor Jim Carrey guests.
Chronic over-actor Jim Carrey guests.

With that kind of audience, it’s a safe bet that Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee could go on for as long as Mr. Seinfeld wishes.

Unless, perhaps, if a controversy should crop up.

For those trapped under a rock the past month, here is his gripe about “PC” on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN radio:

Then, on Late Night with Seth Meyers, he reiterated his points:

You can do an internet search should you want to read the opposing views on his comments. They are considerable.

I respect the man’s right to his opinion but I do think he subjected himself to unnecessary scrutiny.

Should he or any other comedian be weary of performing at colleges…they should just avoid it. It was not required to make it public.

Yes, I am loosely trying to make a connection between the subsequent fallout and the possible damage to his show because I have a concern.

His show on Crackle is very good because it is highly original. It is far more sincere and contains considerably more insider perspective than any of the talk shows on tradition venues.

Should the “PC” comments fallout have a negative impact on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee it would be shame. Of course, that remains to be seen.

The controversy already has seems to have subsided.

If you haven’t already watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, you owe it to yourself to see what it has to offer.

You can watch on here!


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