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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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In what could possibly be one of the meanest and funniest trolls a celeb has pulled on his beloved fans, Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul recently broke hearts across various social media flagpoles when he fibbed about a new spinoff of the groundbreaking dramedy.

Last weekend, Paul took to Instagram to share news of his excitement over a "top secret" project he just managed to nail down:

Which left his fans in a frenzy: were the family Paul about to have a baby, was it a big movie contract? Who knows.

Hazy Comedown

After leaving his fanbase to stew for a few days, Paul revealed on Periscope that a Breaking Bad spinoff focusing on Jesse Pinkman was in the works:

This video is crazy bad quality, so be patient...

Minds were well and truly blown by Paul's revelation, as excitement tore through Twitter like lightning.

Here's one of the blown minds in action:

Honest excitement is a beautiful thing before it's torn down like an ailing tree. A few minutes after dropping the bombshell, Paul attempted to retract it as swiftly as possible:

Then he sent an invite to everybody in Boston to join him in the cinema for a spot of Mad Max: Fury Road as conciliation:

Too little too late though it seemed, as his previously super-excited fans were disconsolate after falling into the troll's trap:

You tell him, Jen Moore!

I know that feel, Mike Clifford.

How apt, Shayne Geer.

Regardless of the reaction, his prank was pretty funny, harsh yes, but hilarious. At least he has a sense of humor. Plus regarding the scope for a Jesse Pinkman spinoff, who knows what Vince Gilligan is cooking up in that brilliant mind of his. It could most definitely be a future possibility.

Here's hoping!

(Source: Aaron Paul/Twitter)


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