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pardon me for my english if seems bad but the content is original n changed according the line of story.

suddenly the population of whole world starts to suicide without any reason the whole news channels and every where people can here just the reason "to take your own life for a better life"


Lucifer 3D (destiny + Desire + Death)

Lucifer planned an evil scheme to End the whole world but that's not possible even for him alone because whenever he tried he failed.
He introspected the whole mankind development to know the reason behind their lives and the whole base of society. He got only one answer - Human Will

but what happen if this will collapse some how or the reason why these human "will power" collapses which send them upon the verge to leave this whole society-

1. Destruction ( either personal or social loss)

2. Desire ( End the desire of mankind to develop or to hope for a better future)

3. Destiny (what if whatever mankind tried and meet with bad luck which ultimately left them hopeless at the end and from here the above two factors Desire and destruction play their roles)

And above all, this whole plan give a chance to lucifer to trap those hopeless souls and be the undisputed king of whole universe.

Firstly he go to meet Destruction and convinced him that his reign HELL is heaven for the person like destruction.

He manipulated desire to stop placing "hope and needs inside the human kind because she's only making things worst than ever before. She always send human on the verge of never ending expedition whereas the only salvation human got after they die when they stop thinking what they want. And if the last destiny is the release of soul when why to run behind those desires. Instead provide them a single desire to travel for a better world which they get after this life. Here desire lost her desire to be alive if she's only indulging whole world into chaos.

And here Comes Destiny which completed the whole plan of Lucifer. Every men and women is desire less now but what about those reason which still motivating their life like parents-children-social enigma's which still hold their life. Here destiny will play his domino and make those reason meet with ill-fated destiny.

Lucifer started with destruction where people met with their tarnished their hopes and desire kills their thought for anything better. And people started killing themselves in the hope that they get something better than here. The increased strength of lucifer took everything away from the hand of other Gods. This all give the power to Satan and make lucifer the king of whole universe's negativity not only hell.

Fighters- Heroes

mr. myx + Batmite AND Angle Spawn

well firstly i want to make clear why i choose mr. myx and batmite- the reason is making whole maze in 5 Dimensional world where the whole fight take place and a valley which transferred the souls back to human on earth. Their is an advantage to hold this battle upon some other dimensions or just changed the whole hell. May be Mr. myx alone can't handle this but with the technical knowledge of Bat-mite that will be possible.

Imagine the whole world made of science and magic or just a cage to hold the lucifer which is impossible.

Now i think their are some handful who can take back anything from lucifer and spawn is one of them. Reason to choose spawn-




Attractive Male

Berserker Strength

Blast Power



Cosmic Awareness

Danger Sense

Darkforce Manipulation

Darkness Manipulation

Density Control

Divine Powers

Emotion Control


Energy Absorption

Energy Manipulation

Energy-Enhanced Strike

Enhance Mutation

Escape Artist




Hellfire Control


Illusion Casting








Penance Stare

Phasing / Ghost

Power Item

Power Suit


Sense Death


Shape Shifter

Soul Absorption



Super Speed

Super Strength





Unarmed Combat

Voice-induced Manipulation

Weapon Master

Willpower-Based Constructs

I think this will be enough.......

first of all spawn knows the place where hell exist and search some one who can create dimensions as per his needs (some think team inception would be fine but the level of complication is high here) , spawn found batmite and mr-mxy in hell and promise them to give their life/body back if they help him. He first starts with destiny and desire.

destiny - "if their is only one ruler in the whole universe then the whole concept of destiny will be failed specially when the ruler is a fallen angle who decline the acceptance of god above him. And right now destiny losing his horizons by following a same track to be ill-fated. And the last question what's lucifer destiny does he know that or even destiny knows that" Spawn asked destiny

Desire - mr
mxy started making his whole multi-dimensional world 100's of dimensions based upon the nature of atom and inspired from earth because bat-mite including his whole scientific dimensions with his magical one's by applying loops here and there without any fixed criteria .

This becomes confusing for them also. When they start making a connection of soul from hell to earth firstly they send desire back as spawn told them.

but desire started coming back to hell because he'as convinced with Lucifer. but when she thinks about coming back her inner soul got life even though for going back to hell but desire was alive on earth and she started getting his power back when people starts desiring.

now seeing whole plan failed Lucifer and Destruction start to kill spawn and succeeded also but suddenly when spawn have to choose heaven and hell again he came back to life (this how spawn took birth in comics). This fight between lucifer and spawn also weaken the lucifer. Suddenly batmite throw a ball which opens a gate.

Spawn send Lucifer and Destruction to travel between dimensions whenever destruction tried to destruct any thing they keep tangled in a loop.

This whole multidimensional world make by mr. Mxy and bat-mite is totally depend upon the nature of atom and earth's structure. Due to this sometime the efforts of Destruction causes its minute effect on earth in the form of sudden volcanic erruptions and earth quake or other natural disaster. Whenever any dimension came closer to any living being he tried to manipulate him for negativity which led crimes and other criminal activities.

This gives power to lucifer which he needed to break the whole dimensional world.

Winner -:


and also

please tell if you like it or not and your own addition regarding this story........thanks for your time.


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