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This week was another great display of creativity from everyone who got involved in the Alternate Fan Cast contest. Seriously though, have you seen the entries? Awesome doesn't even begin to describe them. Before we check out the winning posts, give it up for yourselves, creators.

Golf clap it up, Moviepilot Creators!
Golf clap it up, Moviepilot Creators!

Now, without further ado... (okay, just a little further ado)

Updated, 6/18/2015:

The winners of the Alternate Fan Cast contest are...

Sree Lal - Pulp Fiction: A Film-Noir Classic

William Cloud - Dark Knight Returns: Part Two Fancast

Parris Byars - If The Avengers Were Sitcom Characters

Ian M. Simpson - What If Superhero Actors Starred In Lord Of The Rings?

Great job to EVERYONE who took part, you guys are all incredible.

Thank you, Creators, for making each one of these challenges better than the last. Keep sharing amazing stories, we're all your biggest fans over here!!

If you haven't already seen this weeks contest, check it out.

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