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Peter Pound is not necessarily a name you will recognize, however you may be familiar with some of the movie frames which his artwork has inspired. The Australian has been a concept designer and storyboarder for many films including Babe, Ghostrider and one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445).

Pound began his journey with the fourth Mad Max in the late '90s, and contributed over 950 storyboard frames to the film. In addition to all of that, he was the Principal Vehicle Designer - something which is particularly impressive given the crazy patchwork vehicles that the film has.

Bear witness to some of his amazing concept art, and be prepared to be totally enthralled:

Imperator Furiosa

Pound conceived this version of Furiosa back in 2012, and looking at the finished version of the film you can see that very little changed, aside from giving her a badass buzz-cut.

Mad Max

Max looks ready for action in this piece. Interestingly, in the first Mad Max film Max's jacket had two sleeves, though in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior it had been removed, this is because after a motorcycle crash in Mad Max, paramedics would have had to cut off the sleeve to repair the arm. Clever!

Max and the Interceptor

This artwork shows the scene from the very start of the movie, and bears a strong resemblance to the finished product. Ultimately the small canopy was lost and the terrain was much more desert-like than a road.

Nux's car

Nux's beloved car looks amazing in this artwork from way back at the beginning of 2010. I'm so glad to see these old ideas give us an incredible new movie.

The War Rig

To be honest, I just want to hang this in my living room. That's how cool it is!

Immortan Joe and the War Boys

Joe might not have ended up blue in the final film, but we still get a pretty close look to how the people of the Citadel ended up.

The People Eater and Gas Town folk

The repulsive People Eater and the people of Gas Town look ready to roll and get involved in the "family squabble."

The Bullet Farmer and the Bullet Farm folk

The Bullet Farmer and his crew mean business in this artwork, the Bullet Farmers' chase scene in the film is one of the most tense in the whole movie.

Max and the Wives

Looking somewhat like a hallucination, the concept art perfectly captures what the scene ultimately wound up looking like.

The Doof Warrior

I had to include one of the best characters in the film, the Doof Warrior! Strapped to the front of the Doof Wagon this guy played the soundtrack to war for Immortan Joe and his army of War Boys. The concept art shows his obvious craziness, though, as we know; his guitar was transformed later on into a flame-throwing instrument of madness.

To check out much more of Peter Pound's stunning concept art for Mad Max: Fury Road head over to his website HERE.

Source: Peter Pound via io9


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