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Darkseid has allied himself with the Daleks to achieve universal domination. There are legions of Parademons and Daleks and across space and time destroying planets and moon colonies.

our only hope is...

The Doctor

Namely the 12th doctor. He is the space/time traveler the DC Universe needs to stop the Daleks.


Te worlds's greatest hero is always trying to stop Darkseid.


Making the world's finest, Batman is one of the few people who can dodges Darkseid's omega beams. He is also the world's greatest detective, able to beat Daleks with ease.

Wonder Woman

Bringing the whole Trinity, Diana is a frequent adversary to Darkseid who fights for Themiscera and the world.

End Result

After a long "war" across space and time, the heroes almost give up. But in the end, the Doctor and the Trinity defeat Darkseid and the Daleks. The Daleks are destroyed. Darkseid is sent to a special solitary phantom zone.


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