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Minions are everywhere you look nowadays. Kevin, Stuart and Bob may be looking for an evil leader to follow and help take over the world, but all they have to do is to become adorable plush figures which melt everyone's heart and in the sweet embrace - viola! - instant world domination.

Kevin is the tall two-eyed one. Stuart is the short one-eye. And Bob is the diminutive two-eye with no hair. They will have you wanting to speak Minionese. Just another step towards conquering the world.

Of course the movie has them trekking to Orlando as part of the plot. The Minion belongs to that other famous studio attraction not called World, and which does not own the Star Wars franchise and dozens of other smiling, enchanted Princess properties. Oddly enough, the Minion Studio theme park has a Spider-Man ride and Hulk roller-coaster as well as assorted Marvel gift shops even though the big D Studio owns the comic book and movie rights.

Ultimately world domination means beating the evil D Empire at its own game. Jurassic World just had the biggest world-wide opening weekend ever. They also own most of Godzilla. Now all the Minions have to do is find a way to usurp all the adorable Princesses.

The folks over at Buzzfeed have provided the solution. They have turned Kevin Stuart and Bob into nine of the most notable D Princesses. Jen Lewis, a Buzzfeed staffer is the one responsible for photoshopping minion heads onto the Princesses' bodies.

Minion Stuart as Ariel

Minion Kevin as Mulan

Minion Kevin as Jasmine

Minion Kevin as Snow White

Minion Kevin as Cinderella

Minion Stuart as Belle

Minion Kevin as Tiana

Minion Bob as Sleeping Beauty

Minion Kevin as Pocahontas

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