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A curious teenager discovers a badge that takes her to an alternative world, leaving her searching for an explanation.


George Clooney - Frank Walker

Hugh Laurie - Nix

Britt Robertson - Casey Newton

Raffey Cassidy - Athena


Since the 1930s Walt Disney Studios has been churning out film after film that has pleased audiences both young and old across the world. It is certainly one of the most popular and brilliant film production studios working today, being known for their astonishing creativity, magic and beautiful animations. However, recently Disney seems to have strayed from original ideas focusing instead on reboots and sequel after sequel. Just look at their recent productions which include a live action version of Cinderella, Oz the Great and Powerful which acts as a prequel to the magnificent Wizard of Oz and the awful sequel Cars 2 which Disney and Pixar would rather forget. It was about time that Disney deliver a completely fresh and original idea to our screens, and thankfully Tomorrowland is just that. It may not be one of Disney's best films, but director Brad Bird has created a world that will leave you gazing in awe and a film that delivers a vital message full of optimism. Tomorrowland could easily be called a mess or preachy, but is an enjoyable adventurous mess that will sweep you off your feet as you join the ride and its message of hope is never shoved down your throat.

Describing the plot of Tomorrowland sure is a difficult task. Essentially the film tells the story of a teenager who joins forces with a former boy-genius to unearth the secrets of an alternative world which they see when they touch a badge. You would be forgiven for thinking the plot sounds like a confusing stinker, and more work could have been done to ensure that the story is easier to follow as it sure does get messy at times. However, you will still find yourself easily swept away with the adventure, gripped from the very start until the end longing to uncover the secrets of Tomorrowland like the characters. Most importantly though the story works as an effective device to convey a vital message, which will chime with the hearts of audiences young and old. The film asks the question why are we so obsessed with the idea that our world is dying, and not focusing instead on the question how can we fix it. Our protagonist Casey Newton, brilliantly played by the wide-eyed and enthusiastic Britt Robertson, is a hero we can connect with as she asks the questions we constantly ponder over in our minds. Her hope and optimism is never irritating but actually inspiring and you will leave the screen aiming to have an outlook on life like hers. Tomorrowland is full of spirit, and this is mainly due to our lively hero who full of passion for life. The optimism and hope this film conveys is like a breath of fresh air compared to the apocalyptic and dark dramas that dominate our cinemas, and we really need more films like it.

Tomorrowland may be Robertson's show, but her co-stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and Raffey Cassidy are also vital to the film's success. Laurie is great as Nix, but it is the dynamics between the characters of Clooney and Cassidy that provides an emotional edge to the adventure. Their performances are heartfelt and spot-on, ensuring that we develop a love for the characters, even with Clooney's disgruntled and frustrated personality. Their final exchange in the film really touches the heart and remains the most memorable scene. Although much of Tomorrowland is loud and in-your-face as our eyes are filled with images of a wondrous futuristic land built by CGI, it is the quieter moments that ensure this film works well. The film's amazing energy never dies throughout the adventure, until the end where it somewhat falters a little with a climax that falls into expected cliches and does not deliver the awe factor the creators clearly think it will. Still, the film's final message remains incredibly powerful and will leave your brain ticking overtime for days after you have stepped out of the screen.

Tomorrowland is a rewarding experience, although flawed. Cinema is dominated by apocalyptic dramas that tell stories of death, destruction and despair, and so this pure adventure that has at its heart a message of optimism and hope is much needed. Inspiring, charming and fearless, it will sweep you off your feet and leave you gazing in awe. Robertson, Cassidy and Clooney all give great performances, ensuring that the dynamics between their characters are both entertaining and real. If you give Tomorrowland a chance and allow yourself to be taken with the flow of the film, you will discover something quite magical.


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