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Carrie 2002 just like the original with Sissy Spactek but this one takes a unique turn, it is Norma's and Sue Snells version of the story which led up to the killing or most of her class friends and teachers.

There are some well known woman in horror in this version too such as Emilie De Raven (Sleepy Hollow, The Hills Have Eyes), Katharine Isabelle (See No Evil 2, Gingersnaps), Chelan Simmons (Shark attack in malibu).


This film starts of in a police interview room where Norma and Sue is being interviewed and then it flash back to the events, where it started in a school with Carrie White (Angela Bettis) who got her first period in the shower and starts to freak out because her mum (Patricia Clarkson), a very religious person, never told her about the "birds and the bee's".

Which then led her fellow class mates (played by Kandyse McClure, Emilie De Raven, Meghan Black, Chelan Simmons and Katharine Isabelle) picking on her and filling up her locker with tampons and plug it up.

This is when Carrie discovers she has Telekinetic powers. Leading to prom night for revenge Chris Hargensen (Emilie De Raven) Billy Nolan ( Jessie Cadotte) Kenny and Lou Collect the blood of a pig as a prank for to pour over the head of carrie leading her to kill everyone in the hall for prom.


This is a brutally good film, I love how it puts a twist on the original. I love the flash backs and how it is told in the eyes of Sue and Norma in a police department setting. Out of all 3 carries I preferred Angela Bettis she had more character and action in her acting.

Such a brilliant cast. Glad to see some scream queens in it.

Some of the camera work and graphics in the ball room when the prank happens and Carrie unleashes her Telekinetic powers could have been better, I much preferred the 1976 graphic and camera work. But still I loved this film very much.


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