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I will be honest here and say that lately (as in, ever since Daredevil premiered on Netflix and blew my mind), I have found a whole new appreciation for TV shows. Watching that show feels like a thirteen-hour movie, which is of course a lot longer than what we see on the big screen. This naturally gives more time for the story and characters to develop properly, which is why I've learned to appreciate shows more than movies in that regard when it comes to comic book characters. Nothing feels rushed and scattered and the writers dedicate a lot of time on every single character's arc. This isn't to say that I don't appreciate what we see on the big screen, on the contrary, but I would definitely love to see even more superhero TV shows out there, especially those with very long and elaborate stories. Below I have put together a short list of characters that I believe deserve their own TV show. I would list more than five, but, let's be real, this post would never end.

#1 Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)

I know, I know. Everyone has been dying for a Black Widow movie, but I am the weirdo that would actually kill for a TV show. You're probably thinking, God, Maria, tone it down a little, Marvel won't even approve of a two-hour-long movie, let's not get ahead ourselves with an actual series. But if this were a Utopia and Black Widow was equally appreciated as the other characters by Marvel, she would get her own TV show. Preferably on Netflix. I mean, can you just imagine it for a second? They could spend the entire first season just building up her origin story, especially her life in the Red Room Academy and becoming a KGB agent. *Sighs* A girl can dream.

#2 Birds of Prey (Helena Bertinelli, Dinah Lance and Barbara Gordon)

I'm sort of cheating here a little because Birds of Prey isn't a single character, but these ladies deserve another shot at a TV show. The 2002 action drama wasn't exactly successful, but there is no denying that CW's Arrow has set a pretty solid foundation for a Birds of Prey spin off. I know that many Arrow fans want this as well and I have hope that Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti will eventually take up this project when they see how many of us are interested in it.

#3 Mockingbird (Barbara Morse)

Can you tell I'm thirsty for more female-centered shows yet? Bobbi is another favorite of mine and I've been loving her on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There has been lots of rumors about a Barbara spin off accompanied by Hunter Lance, who is Bobbi's ex-husband, but it was unfortunately pulled back. I'm guessing the project will be resumed in the future, because a show with the two would be so freaking awesome and I am positive it would get really high ratings. Bobbi and Lance are a fantastic duo, super badass and funny, which is pretty much all I need to be hooked on a show.

#4 Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

I am definitely aware of the Titans rumors floating around and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that we do get a show with Nightwing as the main character. Dick is one of my favorite DC heroes, and I will even admit that I prefer him over Batman. I'm not here to compare the two, that's not what this article is about, but I just feel like Dick has gone through so much character development over the years and his story has always been so interesting to me. From graduating from his role as Robin and claiming his own identity as Nightwing, to his magnetic and charming personality personality and interesting relationship with Babrbara Gordon -- there is nothing this character is missing.

#5 Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein)

Just the name should be enough of a reason for this hero to get his own show, let's be honest. I was so happy to see Firestorm introduced on the Flash but I definitely want to see more of Ronnie and Stein. Firestorm has the coolest powers ever and the fact we have two people that are bonded together is so interesting and original and unlike anything we've ever seen before. I am probably asking for too much here, since the Flash has just finished its first season and they're still in the early stages of developing all their plots and arcs, but I would really, really like to see this hero get its own show eventually. At least a mini-series with, like, ten episodes...I'll take what I can get.

I think this article pretty much sums up how obsessed I've become with superhero shows that no matter how many they make, it will never be enough for me, but I believe this short list is made of characters that could really, truly make great leads in their own series.

Tell me what you think in the comments and leave your own list below!


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