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Okay so Terror' is getting so annoying, so I decided if she's going to be this cligney I might as well have FUN with it! So I told her ( which is totally true rumor) but a super reliable source told me that Terror is trying to make me and Sara jealous about her boyfriend. How mean is she?! I spent days crumby about it. At school I hid my face from her and yet she has the nerve to lie to me AND call me her BFF. I really hope she moves away and so do my BFFS. She distoryed my love life. Of you can plz leave a comment down below and answer this: should I tell her she's not my BFF ( never has been) and how should I do it? Oh and BTW there's a picture of the convo down below for all to enjoy. And thanks to all my like 3 followers. Luv u guys SO much. Toodles

Luv your perfectly imperfect Sophia.

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