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I am a massive comic book geek and you can find the most reliable and accurate information on all the DC and Marvel movies right here !
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Now before you label me as a DC fanboy, just wait and let me confirm that I am a honest and unbiased fan of both DC and Marvel and I have 8 GB worth of marvel comics (digital) and I love almost every Marvel film.

But please do understand that this article isn't directed at every marvel fan, this article is only targeted to those trolls and highly biased marvel fans who lack common sense and type totally senseless comments on various comment sections around the web.

What am I taking about ? well let me take you through my personal experience, starting with ........

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice versus [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409).

Let's take a look at what those marvel trolls had to say about Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice for a moment.

DC just turned a Superman movie into something else entirely, they don't have any faith in Superman.
They are over crowding this movie, this is going to be a train wreck.
They are trying to pull off so many things in one movie and it is going to bomb pretty badly.
They are making a Justice League movie instead of giving another sequel to Superman, DC sucks.
A movie about 2 super heroes fighting each other, that makes no sense, DC has no clue about what they are doing.
They are blindly rushing to a Justice League movie to catch up with Marvel.

These are the kind of criticisms that are thrown at Batman v Superman, now let's take a look at what these marvel trolls say about Captain America Civil War.

This movie is going to be great and it will dominate the box office, because this is just another Avengers movie.

You can clearly see the kind of irrational and blind logic that these trolls have and how they contradict themselves with just one statement, the quote provided above can be found in any comic book related website or any site covering comic book movie news. But to those trolls reading this right now, let me just ask these set of questions to you.

1) Aren't you worried that marvel is turning a Captain America movie into an Avengers movie ? (as you yourself said)

2) Aren't you worried that marvel is over crowding Civil War with so many characters and sub plots ?

3) Aren't you worried that marvel is trying to pull off so many things with just one movie ?

See I totally understand that these questions from my side are totally ridiculous and doesn't make any sense but you have to realize that your accusations on [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) doesn't either.

Before you try to defend and answer these questions of mine, apply the same logic and defensive counter measures of your comments to DC's approach for Batman v Superman and you will totally understand how pointless you are !

But please try to understand that, DC is approaching their cinematic universe and building it in their own way instead of following marvel's method and marvel's phase 1 method isn't the only way to build a cohesive shared universe and you will understand this after seeing Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, and DC has an absolutely brilliant plan to build this franchise which is different from marvel's method. (If you want to know what that genius plan is, put a question in the comment section below and I'll happily explain it to you).

Now to the next topic.

MCU Marvel versus Fox Marvel.

This is another case where the dumbness of these marvel trolls reaches new heights, let's take a look at what these trolls said.

X-Men are not wearing their true costumes from comics books, FOX is totally afraid they are shit and needs to return the rights to Marvel.

But what do you they say when Quick Silver, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye wear modernized costumes "It's more realistic and makes sense for the modern day audience and to that particular story"

Fantastic Four are younger, this is not the fantastic four of the comics, Fox should really return the rights to Marvel they have no clue.

But what they say when Hank Pym 's character is changed into an old guy instead of the early 30's something super hero he was supposed to be "it's an interesting change, they are trying to connect the MCU right from the days of World War 2"

Quick Silver from Days of Future Past was totally out of character and he has no resemblance to the actual Quick Silver from the comics, FOX just took away the most defining part of his character which is, his relation with his sister

But you know what is more defining about Quick Silver, it is his mutant back story and his daddy issues that he has with magneto and his constant membership switching between Brotherhood of Mutants and the good guys, this was something which was totally lacking from MCU's version of Quicksilver yet these trolls claim that FOX's version was totally out of character and shitty.

I mean Marvel guys hating DC stuff is understandable but Marvel guys hating other things from Marvel is totally amusing, it's not like Fox is doing a bad job either.

Yes they did put out a few bad films but [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) turned out to be amazing which earned the title of best comic book movie of 2014 from many and the trailers of Fantastic Four are absolutely amazing, which brought a positive vibe and resulted in conversion of "this movie is going to bomb" to "this movie seems interesting, they have my attention now"

Wrapping it up

I can go on and on and provide so many examples of how these idiotic marvel trolls contradict themselves but my request to you is, please use your mind, don't be biased and enjoy stuff from both DC and Marvel.

I mean what on Earth are you people gonna achieve with this agenda of yours, literally nothing, even WB/DC and Disney/Marvel has no rough competition or hate towards each other and this message goes for DC trolls as well.

We are living in an age where we are getting the kind of comic book movies which we have been dreaming since childhood so let's feel happy about it and drop this senseless hate mongering and DC vs marvel flame war attitude and enjoy movies from DC, Marvel and Fox marvel.


Do you think these trolls have to drop this act of theirs.


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