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I love to go to the movies. My favorites are fantasy/sci fi however. One day I want to take a luxary cruise into outerspace!
Joshua Rice

The day started out just like any other day. The sun shone down upon the earth and the unwitting earthlings were going about their day's business. Not knowing that far above earth's atmosphere hiding on the dark side of the moon was a race of superhuman alien clone thingies. The were biding their time waiting for the perfect time to send down their troops to conquer the earth. The earth was rich with minerals that these aliens needed for their race to survive. With as primitive as the earth was they thought it was going to be an easy battle.

As the moon moved into the perfect location to launch an ambush they struck. Sending in drop ships of foot soldiers all wielding laser blasters, they were decimating the city. They landed in New York City and their blasters were cutting through earthlings and buildings alike. It seemed like a sure win for the Superhuman Alien Clone Thingies and they were met with very little resistance. The police force tried their best to keep them at bay, but there handguns were no use against the the Alien's superhuman skin. As bullets were deflecting off the attackers suddenly, from the sewers, came a group of four mutant turtles.

Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo jumped into the fray using their awesome ninjitsu abilities to help fend off the attackers. Slashing, bashing, and stabbing the aliens, the foursome wasn't having as much luck as they would have liked. Out of nowhere a blue police box appeared out of thin air and out popped an eccentric British man introducing himself as the doctor, a time lord. The tide of battle changed quickly as the doctor informed the turtles that the superhuman alien thingies were little alien creatures in a robotic exo-suit. Amplifying the sonic screwdriver's frequency all of the exo-suits started to short out. Unfortunately it was a little too late as the doctor was struck squarely in the chest by laser beam. The damage was already done to the exo-suits though and out of these superhuman alien clone thingies appeared 4 foot tall rabbit looking creatures. Without their exo-suits they were easily dispatched by the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Kicking their fluffy tails all the way back to the mother-ship.

As the aliens fled, terrified of the ninja reptile foursome, master splinter when to the side of the doctor. Splinter, with the help of his sons, helped the doctor back to his tardis where he was able to die and be born again.


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