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Now, there are a whole lot of secrets lying behind the creation of any major TV series - especially one as visual effects-heavy as The Flash - so it's arguably not all that surprising when a show turns out to have taken an odd line of inspiration for a character, a plot-line, or a particular effect.

That being said, though, it's still awesome to find out just what that odd line of inspiration is - especially when it's with as beloved a show as The Flash, and as iconic a character as Gorilla Grodd...

Yup, that's right:

Gorilla Grodd Has a Secret Inspiration

Or, at least, he had a secret inspiration.

It's no longer quite so secret, y'see, since the show's visual effects supervisor Armen Kevorkian recently spoke at length to THR about the character's visual effects-based origination process:

"After we completed the pilot, Greg, Andrew and Geoff Johns gave me a heads up that they wanted to introduce Grodd this season. It allowed me on the side with my guys to think about how we would do this character. It does give you a little more time, even the thinking part of how we would organize things to get to where we want to when the time came. We just started building him a little bit in advance. But you are involved with episodes that actually air, so there’s only so much time you have to spend on side projects."

The most intriguing part of that, though?

Gorilla Grodd Was Inspired By the Comics...and Real Life Gorillas

As Kevorkian puts it:

"We referenced both the comic book — for his size and personality — and footage of gorillas to ground it in reality. Grodd’s around 8 feet tall and about 800 pounds. He also has telepathic powers, so facial expressions were really important to get across what he was trying to convey."

Which...actually makes perfect sense.

I mean, he's a giant, telepathic gorilla, fighting a superhero.

In the greater scheme of things, then, the fact that Grodd was inspired by his (awesome) comic-book counterpart, as well as the real life ape that he basically is, might not actually be all that much of a surprise.

He still sure is awesome though...

That being said, what do you reckon?

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