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There's been a lot of controversy surrounding the new The Fantastic Four movie, what with Michael B. Jordan playing a classically white character as a black male and the production team having a few set-backs. I still think the trailer looks pretty epic, and I'm excited for the film.

Well, the latest news from the flick is that we have The Thing fully nude, and apparently without any junk - opposite of what Stan Lee had to say about the character. No kids for The Thing, I suppose? Check out the full-frontal picture of one of the coolest superhumans out there, period.

How do you think he compares to the version from the comics?

I think they got it right.

Or the version from the last movie (2005)?

I've gotta say, it's pretty hilarious seeing The Thing engaging in a normal conversation here, looking composed, non-violent and fully engaged. I also think that they enhanced the detail in the body suit in the 2015 version, which I definitely appreciate.

So, yeah, I guess The Thing has no thing... Discuss.



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