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Joel Hulsizer

It is the year 2020 and every middle schooler has been proven right. The illuminati has overthrown government and established international rule over the world. They have almost limitless money, millions of soldiers, and a world destroying machine they are using to hold the world captive. The only ones who can stop them are...

Dumbldore's Army

Comprised of Hogwarts students who thought their only mission would be to destabilize the regime of Dolores Umbridge and learn to fight Lord Voldemort, this young team of wizards is half of the world's best hope. The other half is...

The Suicide Squad

A team of villains and brought together by Amanda Waller for black ops missions, this group contains people like the Joker, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and many more.

The Outcome

The two groups both attack the headquarters of the Illuminati where the machine is being kept. They take down hundreds of enemies and manage to reach the machine. However, it turns out the the Illuminati only ever make world destroying machines out of magic-resistant metal which forces the DA to summon explosives (to which the machine is luckily extremely vulnerable) and detonate them them. Unfortunately, the Suicide Squad is not able to produce Shield charms seeing as they never got the magical education they needed. Dumbldore's Army is the group that survives. They then assist the underground resistance with rebuilding government and getting rid of all other members of the Illuminati.



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