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The Disaster - Zombie Hordes driven forward by Posession from Gozer the Destructor

After its defeat in New York, Gozer was banished back to its dimension where it waited for 20 years plotting its next return. As the world came to an end following the epidemic of Mad Human Disease and zombies took hold as the dominant life form on Earth, Gozer saw the chance to return and used the reanimated corpses as hosts for Zuul and Vinz Clortho who opened the portal briefly, but only long enough to allow a portion of Gozer to seep through, forcing Gozer and a horde of demons to inhabit the bodies of the zombie tide. Gozer, wanting to return in full strength moves with the zombies across the U.S. Wasteland towards New York and the building which functioned as the Gateway years earlier to bring forth the Destructor and end life on Earth completely.

The Teams: The Ghost Busters

The ghost busters, having moved to California following the disasterous events that transpired during the battle with Vigo the Carpathian, have managed to survive the apocalypse and have been deploying new tactics to fight the zombies. Dr. Egon Spengler has developed a new long range scanner to detect paranormal activity throughout the Midwest, which the Ghostbusters have been using to detect roving zombie hordes. The group is investigating a large horde when they witness the return of Gozer and rush to their home to re-supply when they run into...

The Zombieland Survivors

Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock having explored much of the Midwest decided to return to California in search of the cozy way of life they experienced during their short stay. They have settled into the homes of Beverly Hills and make supply runs in an effort to stay comfortable as they face the apocalypse each day. As they search the ruins, the come upon the Ghostbusters Building, filled with Proton Packs, Containment units and specialized zombie killing weaponry. Tallahassee becomes excited when he finds a picture of Venkman and believing it to be a trick of the recently deceased Bill Murray and hopes that perhaps Murray somehow survived Columbus' shooting. The group awaits the return of the Ghostbusters to find out what's happening. When the Ghostbusters arrive flustered from the return of Gozer the right decide to team up to take down this new, old threat.

The Survivors

Survivors once more.
Survivors once more.
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As the group fights it off, the Ghostbusters are taken down by zombies until only Venkman survives. He is bitten on the arm and looks to Columbus saying, "Don't let me turn into one of them!" Columbus cannot bring himself to kill another Bill Mirray and so, Tallahasee is the one to pull the trigger. However, the rage from needing to see his hero die one more time is the strength he needs to defeat Gozer and the demonic influence and close the portal. Though the Zombie horde is still present in the city, the Survivors find their way to Trump Tower where they can live comfortably.


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