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Baldwin Collins

When i viewed this wonderfully made film ''unbroken' I couldn't believe that film actress/ director, Angelina jolie had produced and on top of that, really directed this master piece. a film based on a true story from a book titled with the same name, 'unbroken' : A world war 2 story of survival, resilience, and redemption, by author, Laura hillenbrand.

The film version tells the true live story of olympian and u. s. air pilot louis zamperini, and his flight crew being shot down, and crashing into the pacific ocean. after surviving , only he and two other crew members are alive and adrift at sea, in a raft. for 47 days. However the beginning of the dog fight scene's are great, the director captured the up and close action wonderfully, kept saying to myself, is this a david lean movie ?

the raft scene's were also tense, especially with the sharks. the brutal japanese prison camp scene's caught you're imagination completely, Which is where the real resilience and redemption takes place, actor jack o' connell as the adult louis zamperini gave a fine performance, and also c.j. valleroy as the younger version of louis. great directing by angelina jolie

in my opinion a must see film, if you haven't seen it yet.


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