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Over the last couple of days I have read and pondered about both sides of the situation covered by civil war. I went in with a good understanding of the plot and I did in fact already have a pre determined side picked (I will not state). But as I got to really reading in detail of the reasoning behind both sides I have come to the conclusion that both side are both RIGHT AND WRONG in there own ways.

I understand when captain is worried about the stability of the US government and keeping his and others identity a secret. I mean just look at shield. How many hydra workers infiltrated shield alone. It was insane. You do also have to think about it, who was the one who prevented SHEILD from killing millions of people. You'd be right if you say Captain America. I'm not justifying cap in any means but just remember people have a reasoning for everything.

At the same time when you look at it iron man and see what he has to say. It's also makes sense. The government is (iron man as well) are scared of what the non/super humans can do. I mean just think about it. Living in a world of super powered people and your just sitting there with your bag of Doritos not knowing if your city will be destroyed next. That's why the government is regulating the super powered peeps who wanna help out. Not every super powered person has to register through the government, just the ones who wanna use there powers to help.

I believe that both sides do have valued points and are both with good intentions but both need to come to a trust Median. Maybe the government can quit being so scared or maybe captain can use a little more trust. Who knows. That's just me jabbering. Well that's my thought. Thanks for reading


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