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Hi everyone !

This is my 1st post so here's a quick presentation :

My name is Ladislas , i'm a French illustrator who 's passionate by Art / illustration / graphic design and ... MOVIES. I decided to work on some Alternative movie posters Art.

Basically i create , draw and paint some alternative posters versions of my favorite movies. This may be a great place for me to post and discuss about theses movies as everyone here is interested by movies !

That's it, In this 1st post i've done an alternative version of the great movie "The Grand Budapest Hotel" by Wes Anderson.

Hope you will like it , feel free to comment on my Art or on the movie if you already saw it ( if you don't i recommend it, he's got this special visual mood and attraction that makes it special and really interesting ).

You can also find me on instagram and follow me on Facebook :


Thanks !


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