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Okay, so this is my entry for the EPIC BATTLE CONTEST, so let's commence the EPICNESS!!!

The Disaster- Black Hole!

So, during a space battle between Vilgax and Ben 10, Vilgax had trapped The Alien Force, so that they could be forced to watch the end of their galaxy via a black hole machine. During that moment a certain team of space misfits came flying in and they freed Ben and his crew. This was all minor compared to the fact that by the second the black hole was increasing in size because it was sucking up everything around it. Their Goal: SHUT DOWN THE PORTAL

1st Group- The Alien Force


Ben Tennyson-Wielder of Omnitrix allows him to transform into 69 aliens ( don't laugh, I checked it on the Ben 10 wikia) each with their own abilities, some very similar to each other, some extremely different from one another.

Kevin Levin- Human Conduit, can absorb any material or power source and redirect it from his body. Some examples of this include, Concrete, Electricity, and the Omnitrix (which makes him out of control of his own body, and just power hungry.)

Gwen Tennyson- Quarter Anodite with the ability to control an energy form titled Mana, which can be fired as beams, constructed into shapes, and made into a forcefield. Also has a black battle in Karate and is extremely skilled in sorcery.

Rook Blonko- Revonnagander (a cat like alien species with periwinkle fur and black face markings) who dons the Proto-Armor a near indestructible armor made of an unkown alien material. He also wields a versatile weapon known as the Proto-Tool, it's modes include blaster, custom bow, Grappler, Net Caster, Pod Launcher, Power Sword, scanner, Auto Turret Feature, Tonfa, taser, shield, laser, vaccum, laser pointer, staff, pulley, harpoon gun, fishing rod, hose, flashlight, sight, Computer, Energy Shield, Bro Flex, Power Glove, and whip. Knows several forms of martial arts.

2nd Group- Guardians of the Galaxy


Peter Jason Quill A.K.A Star Lord- armed with Jet Boot Attachments, dual Quad Blasters, Hadron Enforcer, Electric Bolas, Helmet, Translator Implant, Plasma Sphere, Holographic Scanner, and Gravity Mines.

Gamora-Zehoberei warrior with Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, Cybernetic Skeleton, Ocular and Respiratory Implants, Advanced Neurological System, Regenerative Healing Factor, and a retractable blade. As well as having earned the titles of Master Assassin and Master Combatant.

Drax the Destroyer- A powerful warrior who's abilities include Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Regenrerative Healing Factor, Expert Combatant, as well as Knife Mastery. The only equipment he uses is dual knives.

Groot- Some powers of Groot include Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Enhanced Speed, Regenerative Healing Factor, Longevity, Elasticity, Body Manipulation, Light Generation, and Flower Generation. Some forms of his body manipulation include Branch Shield, Vine Tentacles, and Twig Spikes.

Rocket Raccoon- Some talents of Rocket include Enhanced Intelligence, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Senses, Master Marksman, Expert Tactician, Master Engineer, Expert Pilot, and Multilingual. His equipment arsenal includes an Ion Cannon, a Laser Cannon, Gas Grenades, and the Hadron Enforcer.

The Survivors

So after the teams failed to destroy the conduits powering the black hole( because they're made of vibranium) they resort to having Rocket hack in which he fails and the teams get absorbed into the black hole. All except Ben 10 and Groot. Ben 10 was in his Alien X form at the time, well trying to rewind time itself, Groot survived because he's got a wicked fast healing factor. In conclusion, even though Ben rewound time, technically Ben and Groot are still the survivors.


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