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How's it going horror lovers? So this is a movie that I've known about for quite some time and I noticed that it hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention, so here's my article on the upcoming film Nefas: The Demon Within.

Nefas: The Demon Within focuses on a small town doctor that doesn't believe in the idea of possession, but soon after a single mother and her teenage daughter move into his old house, he must confront his inner demons in order to save the daughter from a demonic force that possesses her. Sound familiar? I didn't think so.

One of the film's directors, Justin LaReau, came up with the story back in 2013; about a year before production of the film would start. He then hired a writer, Michelle Beyda-Scott to adapt the 15 page treatment that he had developed alongside two film school colleagues (Ayush Banker (co-director) and Helene Gonze). Beyda-Scott also proceeded to write the first four drafts. After the drafts were completed, LaReau, Banker and Gonze continued down the road of rewrites, ending up with another twenty-three drafts.

Once the script was finalized, the pre-production continued with getting together a crew, location scouting and casting. The team was able to pull together a talented cast featuring Clint Glenn Hummel (Battle Force), Patricia Ashley (Hero of the Day) and How I Met Your Mother's Charlene Amoia.

Shot in Watseka, Illinois in June 2014, the 19 day production schedule was wrapped on June 30th and the film was ready to be pieced together. The film is now in post-production and is soon to be finished. Their most recent update on the project was posted on their Facebook page yesterday saying,

"We are very close to a finished Feature film. The first pass of an epic sound design by Tim Edson and Nealle DiPaolo sounded great. We are two days away from the 2nd pass leaving us with just one final pass left."

So what do you think guys? Personally, I'm pretty much up for a film that is in the horror genre to begin with and the idea sounds promising! Unfortunately, there isn't a date for it's release yet, but the film is currently seeking distribution. Until then, you can check out their website to learn more about the film and also visit their Facebook page to stay updated on the process. LINKS WILL BE POSTED BELOW.

The film stars Clint Glenn Hummel, Patricia Ashley and How I Met Your Mother's Charlene Amoia.

Directors: Justin LaReau & Ayush Banker

Writers: Justin LaReau, Ayush Banker, Helene Gonze and Michelle Beyda-Scott

Producers: Justin LaReau, Ayush Banker and Helene Gonze


Facebook Page:


So tell me guys! Are you excited or at least interested in Nefas: The Demon Within?


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