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I love Disney,Star Wars,Marvel,The Hobbit/LOTR, and Farscape.

This story starts when S.H.I.E.L.D becomes aware that there is more than one Diviner/Obelisk on earth. Those affected by the Diviner are now destroying Earth. Lady Sif had been sent down to Midgard to eliminate the threat of a Kree Warrior.

A Kree's Arguement

"Those who have 'evolved' with the help of the Diviner are weapons," the Kree said. "They are dangerous and must be eliminated." "Skye must come with me to Asgard. She is risking thousands of lives with her uncontrollable emotions." stated Sif. Coulson understood how to aid her, though. "Taking her away from the people she loves will not help her, it will only make her worse." Phil told Sif. Sif only nodded. She knew this was a risky decision, but the Son of Coul made these decisions all the time.


Sif and the Kree had taken the Bifrost back to Asgard. Skye was left in the care of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Mae. "Hey, guys, have you ever watched The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings series?" Bobby Morse asked. The newest movie had just come out. The team hadn't even replied and she had already put the disc in. "Tonight," she said, "We'll have a relaxing movie marathon night." Hunter went to pop popcorn and Simmons got the soda.

The marathon had finally come to an end and everyone had gone to sleep except Bobby and Coulson. She had this burning question. "What are we gonna do? There's at least six out there, five since Skye destroyed one." She finally asked. "I don't know yet. I'll sleep on it. Give you an answer soon." Coulson said.

Assembling a Team

The next morning, Coulson ran out to find Bobby. He had the strangest idea. "Bobby, get the team together." He demanded. She nodded and walked off to the rooms. Within fifteen minutes the team was assembled in the common area. "Alright. Bobby asked a question last night that I'm sure all of you want an answer to...'What are we gonna do about the remaining Diviners?'....." The team waited for his response. "Well, I have this insane idea and I need everyone to pitch in on this project. First, a question: Name me some of the Elves from last night marathon you think would work well on a team." He said. Mae gave him this weird look. "C'mon guys it's not that hard!" He added.

"Elrond?" Mack said. "Thranduil and Legolas!" Hunter and Fitz added. "Tauriel and Arwen." Bobby and Skye said. "Galadriel." Said Mae and Simmons. "Alright good." Said Coulson. "Now, what if we get those Elves to work with the Asgardians, which includes Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, Thor, and...Loki?" "Sir, these Elves are movie characters..?" said Fitz. "What if we could make a sort of bridge, like the Bifrost, between dimensions so that the Elves could come here?" asked Coulson. "What skills would they had that could help us?" Mae asked. "They are agile, light on their feet, have very good aim with a bow, can almost predict the enemies' next move, and are pretty awesome with a sword and daggers. They would compliment the Asgardians' god-like abilities." explained Coulson. "This is the most insane plan...... but I'm in." stated Mae. The team nodded. Their plan was in action.

"Director! I think we've got them! Let's just hope they come through in one piece." said Simmons excitedly. The Elves were laying on the floor in front of them. They all seemed confused. "Hi, I'm Phil Coulson. I'm the one in charge here. I know this seems strange to you, so I'll explain a little bit. Your on Earth still, just in the future and in another dimension. We have called you here to test your abilities to see if you truly can protect Earth." Coulson explained. Thranduil seemed angry."How dare you kidnap a king!" he yelled and carried on. Elrond interjected. "Thranduil, now is not the time to yell, you are a king!" he calmed Thranduil down. "Now, you say you're the leader of these men." Coulson nodded. "We brought you to our dimension because both your home and ours are at risk. We think that if you team up with our superhuman gods that you can keep the peace. We ask for your cooperation. You will be assigned a member of the Asgardian team who will catch you up and explain our world. They may not know everything, so my 'men' will fill you in. Understood?" Elrond nodded in agreement.

Sif was contacted and the Asgardians soon arrived on Earth. The Elves seemed in awe of their powers, and the Asgardians in awe of the Elves. They soon got paired up with who they seemed most friendly and open with. Loki with Thranduil (not surprising), Sif with Tauriel, Thor and Elrond, Fandral with Arwen, Hogun with Galadriel, and Volstagg and Legolas. They seemed content. But, they needed to start their mission quickly.

The Mission: Find and Destroy

After three days, the team seemed ready. The quinjets were prepared. The Elves were fascinated by the technology S.H.I.E.L.D had, the Elves had no idea what electricity was. Everyone had suited up pretty quickly. "Alright, Everyone. This is it. We are starting our search for the remaining five Diviners. I hope you guys have all caught up with the technology and stuff," said Coulson. "Anyways, I know all of this is sudden, but we must preserve all of the dimensions and realms. Some of you may be nervous because of the stories you've been told about these weapons. You must be careful around them, they will kill you. Good luck." The Elves and Asgardians loaded into the quinjets. Mae and Morse were the pilots. FitzSimmons debriefed them. "The Asgardians have a sense of where the Diviners are." Simmons said. "It would be best if you follow them to the Diviners' location, then from there, The Elves will silently infiltrate the area." added Fitz. "The Asgardians will then become reinforcements in case you have trouble in there. Good luck you guys!" Simmons said. They were now over the drop site.

The Battle

The Elves didn't seem too content jumping out of the back of a plane. The S.H.I.E.L.D team had to reassure them. When they all eventually made it to the ground, the Asgardians had begun their work. They didn't run into trouble, yet. Each duo had split up to find each Diviner. The remaining team (Thranduil and Loki) was set to give orders and guide the teams through. Everything was going as planned until...

"Son of Coul! These Hydra men, They've created a trap!"

The teams had to pull out and retreat. The quinjets had picked them up and dropped them off at the original Diviner site, San Juan. They regrouped there. "We have to stand our ground. Everyone must fight together. Hydra has already created a super-weapon out of the remaining Diviners. Be ready for when they come. They know S.H.I.E.L.D and their tricks." Thor stated. The citizens had been moved to a safe location, although it may not help;They could still die. There was silence. Everyone braced themselves for what was to come. Even if it meant certain death, this team had created trust between each other in the three days that they had spent together. They would not leave each other. In the distance, hundreds of soldiers marched forward with orange glowing weapons. Tanks came behind them. Hydra had many men fighting for them. The team still held their ground. They awaited one word from Coulson. "Now!" he yelled into the earpiece. The team ran towards the army.


That's all they saw for miles. The gods stood over the Elves with sad faces. The Elves had made it to the last wave, when the large cannons came. The Asgardians looked back at their partners when they saw them turn black. They had turned to stone. The Elves were remarkable fighters, but didn't understand the technology enough to know about bombs. Thor had yelled at Elrond to get out of the range of the bomb and pull his men out, but it was too late. He saw Elrond nod in his direction, and his face turned black. It was a sad day for everyone, and Coulson had returned the Elves to their homeland to "sail to the Undying Lands." The Diviner technology was destroyed and Hydra had fallen. S.H.I.E.L.D rebuilt the mess that Hydra created with the help of the gods. Once everyone had finished, Thor offered his help to Coulson for when he may need it. Coulson accepted, and with a flash of rainbow, the gods had gone. The Earth had finally been saved.


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