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The movie Wreck-It Ralph may have appeared to have just been a fun-filled joyous movie that the whole family could enjoy, but if you take a closer look at it, there just may have been some ridiculously dark undertones to it. There's a fan theory that has been spreading, which could change everything you once believed to be innocent and friendly about the epic animated film.

So, I'm going to need you to suspend your potential disbelief for a second and bear with me here...

The battle armor wearing Calhoun, played by Jane Lynch, is the main character in the film's fictional video game 'Hero's Duty.' She has a tragic backstory to her character, kind of like a lot of these real life video games tend to have. In the case of Hero's Duty, Calhoun's wedding was interrupted by a giant cyborg bug "Cy-Bug" that murdered and consumed her soon-to-be husband.

It really doesn't get much more brutal than that. What is supposed to be one of the best days of your life getting wrecked (pun intended) by a Cy-Bug has to be up there as one of the more devastating things that could ever happen to a person.

So, she actually ended the Cy-Bug with her pocket chaingun and that seemed all good and well. Great work Calhoun, you got your revenge and justice is seemingly served. But wait... have you thought about the underlying secret behind this scene that is actually pretty horrifying?

As shown in the movie, Cy-Bugs take the form of whatever they consume, right? In this case...the husband. Here's what we saw happen when a Cy-Bug ate Ralph's gun while he's in the Hero's Duty game.

The Cy-Bug eats the laser gun and takes on the properties of said gun. When a Cy-Bug later on eats candy in the movie, it takes on the properties of that candy. We also know that this transformation happens with people, because we got to see the previously-eaten King Candy take on a Cy-Bug form.

Take another good hard look at this face...

Calhoun may just be shooting her transformed husband in the face in this photo. It only makes logical sense. The face works too, because she is absolutely mortified AND angry. It's a weird combination where she has to save herself, but to do that she has to shoot the person she loved the very most, who's staring at her, ready to strike...

This is kind of like having your husband turn into a zombie and having to put him out of his mistery.

Wow. I'll never look at this movie the same way, man.

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