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I've cried so much more during the first 10 minutes of Finding Nemo than I have during any other film. And it's an animated film... about fish.

Pixar has a way of making anything have human qualities, including intense emotions that pull on our heartstrings, from a child's toy to cars, and even dinosaurs.

Check out this fan art depicting our favorite characters from Finding Nemo with even more humanistic qualities as they imagine them as full-on human beings. They look so incredibly adorable, too.

1. My Bubbles

[Source: Deviant Art by marsbarrl]

Nemo looks so incredibly adorable. I love how he is depicted as a redhead. And Dori's blue hair looks so awesome. Great job with this one.

2. Nemo and Friends

[Source: andrewk]

I can just tell how much Marlin cares about his son. Look at the worry in his eyes! That is just too sweet.

3. Just Keep Swimming

[Source: yip-yop]

This cartoon accurately depicts Nemo's smaller fin, but no worries. He can still be mischievous and get into all kinds of kid fun and trouble.

4. *Whale Noises*

[Source: iszac87]

The pure joy in Nemo's face! You can tell Dori loves Nemo so much. It almost looks like a full-on family portrait.

5. P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney

[Source: Darey-Dawn]

I love how fasionable Dori is. I would wear that outfit in a heartbeat. Yellow shoes and a blue bodycon dress? I love it.

6. Finding Fashion

[Source: deviant art]

I am pretty obsessed with the Dori and Bubbles-inspired dresses. Though I really wouldn't mind wearing any of these.

7. Frustrating Love

[Source: deviant art]

This is such an accurate representation of love.

8. Finding Nemo in the Forest

[Source: satoshi21]

Marlin looks like the kind of dad who won't stop until he finds his son.

9. I'm Loving Dory's Hair

[Source: SakuraBellStudios]

Dori's freckles couldn't be any cuter. They really captured her dorkiness in a very adorable way.

10. Masquerade Ocean

[Source: deviant art]

This is one masquerade party that I wouldn't love to attend. Especially because I have yet to attend one.

11. Sea Kisses

[Source: ZOE-Productions]

They do make quite the adorable couple. I love Dori's yellow tips.

I am in awe of this charming set of fan art. The creativity stuns me as well as their skills. I can barely draw a stick figure correctly.

Now, if an adorable boy named Nemo needed a babysitter, I would do it in a heartbeat! What a little cutie!

[Source: killua93]


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