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Back in the golden years of MTV, there were few things more satisfying than flipping on an episode of Cribs and making elaborate lists of all the luxurious items you will never be able to afford. All it took was that blueprint of an opening to come up onscreen, and I would be captivated for a solid thirty minutes.

For reasons that continues to elude me, all the available clips from MTV Cribs look like they were shot with a potato despite the fact that this was one of the most memorable shows of our time.

Let's dial our eyes back to the early days of YouTube (when we were used to enjoying a grainy mass of pixels) and remember some of the most outrageous episodes of MTV Cribs before catching up to the present and seeing what these celebs are up to today.

6. Ja Rule

Why It Was Outrageous: First of all, let's all take a moment to remember the majesty that was Ja Rule's brief reign with Ashanti by his side. He really seemed like he had it all when you scanned over his palatial in Miami Beach. I mean, Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel Were just casually chilling at his house. That's even better than a floating cinema or entire wall made of aquariums.

Well, it turns out that the home Ja Rule featured on MTV Cribs was not actually his property. He just showed off a house that he was renting for the weekend. Classic Ja! Apparently, the real owner of the house ended up suing MTV for filming inside his home without his knowledge. Oops.

Where He Is Now: After getting released from jail early in 2013, Ja Rule relaunched Murder Inc Records, wrote a memoir titled Unruly: The Highs and Lows of Becoming a Man, released new music, and announced plans to star alongside his family in an MTV reality show called Follow the Rules.

5. Lil' Romeo

Why It Was Outrageous: This kid, who has since dropped the "Lil'" and now just goes by Romeo Miller, was only 12-years-old but already had one of the most impressive custom cars ever featured on the show. I'm pretty sure I was around his age when this aired, and I just stared in awe at all the aquariums, pinball machines, and velour sweatsuits that my parents would never even dream of bringing into our home. Honestly, this episode was outrageous because it inspired way too many kids like me to feel resentful toward their parents for not being Master P.

Where He Is Now: As stated earlier, Lil' Romeo now goes by Romeo Miller, and he's definitely not so little anymore. He had a Nickelodeon show starting in 2002 called Romeo! before heading to college to play basketball for the USC Trojans. He's recently made the transition to acting, starring in Jumping the Broom and Madea's Witness Protection. Miller also continues to release mix tapes.

4. Richard Branson

Why It Was Outrageous: From a sheer "give-me-all-of-these-excessive-luxuries" perspective, Richard Branson's island estate took the cake. Who could watch this episode without drooling over the fact that this guy owns AN ENTIRE ISLAND called Necker Island with a gigantic 10-bedroom Balinese-style villa that celebrities just casually show up to for fun in the sun.

Seriously, Mariah Carey was lounging leisurely in one of his cabanas during this very episode.

This was the island getaway that I've always wanted but realistically will never have.

Where He Is Now: While Richard Branson is still raking in huge amounts of money as the Founder of Virgin Group, one of his properties on Necker Island didn't fare so well. In 2011, the island's Great House was set on fire presumably by lightning from Tropical Storm Irene. All 20 houseguests Branson was hosting, including Kate Winslet, were successfully evacuated, but the house was totally decimated. It has since been rebuilt in a similar style to how it appeared before.

3. Aaron Carter

Why It Was Outrageous: Aaron's Party apparently consists of donning a Tupac shirt and reveling in the most Floridian home you will ever see. I've stayed at the Grand Floridian Hotel before, and the Carter household still manages to out-Florida everything else with fifty shades of white and palm tree fans.

Where He Is Now: After his star faded a bit as he grew older, Aaron Carter competed on the ninth season of Dancing with the Stars, finishing in fifth place. Throughout the 2010s, he made some one-off performances, completed a stint at rehab, filed for bankruptcy, and eventually settled his tax debt.

2. Redman

Why It Was Outrageous: Redman's episode of MTV Cribs was absolutely one of the most memorable because it was unlike any other. While viewers had become accustomed to getting a brief glimpse of celebrities' excessive lifestyles, Redman's house in Staten Island looked totally normal. Devoid of any ostentation, Redman's house was messy with a broken doorbell and a shoebox that functioned as a bank.

Though some viewers believed that this was all an elaborate prank, Redman later admitted that he wanted the audience to see how he actually lived, not some fabricated reality that's been dressed up for cameras. If memory serves, he's the only one who was concerned about that on MTV Cribs.

Where He Is Now: Throughout the 2000s, Redman continued to release music along with his labelmate Method Man. The pair even made forays into acting with the film How High, and Redman kept up the performance game, appearing in video games and lending his voice to a character in The Fairly Odd Parents. He has a great sense of humor and authenticity in regard to his Cribs episode and even recorded a retrospective episode looking back at it.

1. Mariah Carey

Why It Was Outrageous: Because it's Mariah Carey, and everything she does will always be be worthy of a GIF or extensive supercut. This episode featured such classic moments as her getting into her bathtub seemingly with just a towel as well as this festive moment that I hope you can incorporate into every aspect of your daily life:

For the less obsessive fans, this episode also confirmed Mariah's love for all the things a 12-year-old girl can't live without: charm bracelets, rainbows, and, above all else, butterflies. Like Redman's entry on this list, Mariah's episode caused such a stir that MTV asked her to rewatch the episode with her own narration.

Where She Is Now: Following the emancipation of Mimi, Mariah made a substantial comeback. In the years after MTV Cribs, she had hit singles, married Nick Cannon, had a pair of twins (which she refers to as Dem Babies), worked as a judge on American Idol, divorced Nick Cannon, and started a Vegas residency at Caesars Palace.


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