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Mara Mullikin

Hotel T2's recent trailer is jam packed with adventure, family conflict, monsters, tension, slapstick, amazing Gennedy Tartakovsky animation! If you're just stumbling onto the news of a HT sequel, here's the 411 according to, Mavis and Johnny are now married and they a son named Dennis. Drac is worried that his grandson isn't a vampire, so he enlists his friends to bring out his inner monster.

And to make matters worse, Vlad (Dracula's father) will be visiting the hotel, and he's not keen on humans. Consequently, he most likely won't approve the hotel accepting human guests or Mavis' husband. Will Dennis turn out to be a vampire, and will Dracula be able to overturn his father's bigot views? Why am I asking you these questions?! Tune into to see Hotel Transylvania 2 on September 25th!!

(Courtesy of Hotel Transylvania's Facebook page)


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