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Okay, Recently I founded myself watching Live Free or Die Hard, like for the 50th time. So, Here's the deal. When a franchise like Die Hard ends up making two of the greatest action movies of all time (Counting Die Hard 1 and 3, which was basically made by the same guy).

There is really no way, anyother filmmaker could top that. You'll only end up making Mission Impossible II or Die Hard 2 or a generic action movie. No matter how talented you might be or whatever ideas you may have. You will end up making the same thing over and over again. Yeah! There is no way that Die Hard 4 is a better movie than it's predecessors. They basically turned John McClane into a superhero but at least they didn't turn him into Bruce Willis(Die Hard 5).There is nothing good about Die Hard 5, it's not a movie- it's just moving pictures of an asshole blowing shit up.

While, Die Hard 4 still manages to maintain that emotion- the characters- the tension- most of all the one liners. The stunts feel very real (all the parkour stuff), it's better directed, better cut (the tunnel sequence), better shot (the camera is hooked on adrenaline). Although my least favorite part is how they handled the daughter, but the hacker kid is good. The chemistry between him and Bruce almost feels like an estranged father and son relationship. Time plays an important role, McClane looks really old (he has your pity sometimes). It still ignores the laws of physics but you somehow accept that and go with the flow. Overall, It's basically a fun time, you can enjoy it (if you don't be such a fan girl about the original).

Things change, Life evolves and you may not like it. But it's good enough for enjoyment. So, you don't really have to bitch about everything (except Die Hard 5 cause that shit is just excruciatingly painful! It destroys everything John McClane stands for, you could bitch about it as much as you like. Hell it needs to be destroyed and erased from existence).

Peace Out Mother F's

Keep Calm and Love Life (except Die Hard 5)


Live Free To Die Hard or A Good Day To Die Hard


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