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Anyone who's a fan of the show knows how wonderfully upsetting and surprising this show can be. With a wide cast of characters, quite a lot of plot twists, and compelling scenes, it's no wonder so many people fell in love with this show right off the bat. It also helps that it's one of the few representations of Dick Grayson's Robin that has him actually becoming Nightwing.

The fact that the show has come to an end is absolutely awful. DC's Young Justice was, for me, the only fix I could find to replace what used to be Teen Titans. Seriously, those two shows share so many similarities on so many different levels. When Young Justice ended, it was almost harder than watching the last episode of Teen Titans.

Okay, it was harder. Partially because I'm older than I was when I watch Teen Titans. Partially because Young Justice had a better story. But mostly because of how Young Justice ended.

Don't cry, Flash! Hold it in....
Don't cry, Flash! Hold it in....

Throughout the season, we watched a lot happen to a lot of different people. I was so upset finding out Aqualad was now working with his dad and the Light. I was even more upset when he killed Artemis. And then learning she was alive was weirdly irksome. M'gann tearing Aqualad's mind apart was awful to watch. Impulse saving his grandfather the Flash from Neutron was fantastic. Watching betrayal after betrayal hurt (even though a good number of them weren't real). Even the part where Nightwing tells Robin to not die was heart-wrenching. The whole season was both satisfying and upsetting all at once.

And then we got to the finale and everything was great. Aqualad wasn't evil anymore and his mind was put back together. Artemis was alive as Artemis and no longer Tigress. Wally told Impulse he could be the next Kid Flash. The Reach was gone. Blue Beetle wasn't evil. The team was back together. And everything was right in the world.

And then it wasn't.

This show really tugged at my heartstrings with that finale. And the worst part of it all was that I knew we weren't going to get a Season 3.

And though I was extremely satisfied, I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed in the show. And this disappointment didn't stem from how upset I was with the ending. No this came from things I had wanted to see in the show. The first being Red Hood. The second being how the future turned out after Impulse came back and stopped Blue Beetle from turning evil.

I assumed the finale would have at least one of these. But they were clearly lacking. And then, I got an idea. *Cue light bulb*

We already know the future

Young Justice headquarters. Sorta.
Young Justice headquarters. Sorta.

Yes. I am taking about that awfulness we were shown briefly is the future of Young Justice. From what we're shown in the series, this is the future of that world.

You can argue with me all you want by saying Blue Beetle was freed of the Reach's control. You can tell me that the Reach is long gone and not allowed back to the planet. You can tell me that the Justice League and the Light (even though they are evil) won't stand for it under any circumstances.

But I'm telling you that it is going to happen.

During episode 6 "Bloodlines", Bart Allen aka Impulse comes to Mount Justice from the future. A future in which Blue Beetle is evil, under the Reach's control, and has put the entire human race into slavery. We know Bart goes back in time to fix this, to stop the apocalypse from happening. But at the end of the episode, it's revealed that it didn't work.

I thought that this was just the creators saying that the future isn't fixed yet. We're going to just have to wait a little while longer, until the finale to see it truly be fixed. Even though, logically speaking, right after Impulse goes back in time, the future would be fixed because that's how time should work. Even sending him back would change the timeline immensely. But apparently, it didn't change it enough.

As we're shown, Blue Beetle is still an evil tyrant and Neutron is still forced to listen to him on what remains of Mount Justice.

As I mentioned, I thought this was just their way of saying "hang on, we'll explain later during the finale". But it never happens. We're never shown any other clips of the future that don't show an apocalypse. Which means the apocalypse was not averted.

But there is one part about the future that I never really got. And that part is Blue Beetle.

Blue Beetle beefed up.
Blue Beetle beefed up.

Now I don't know what you make of this image, but to me that looks nothing like the Blue Beetle I'm used to seeing. That hardly looks like Jaime Reyes in any incarnation. He's way too big.

I get that some people change a lot as they grow up, but Jaime is already a teenager during the series. I didn't change much physically from my time in high school. I don't know a lot of people who changed a lot. At least not that much. When I saw this version of Blue Beetle, I instantly thought it was a different person.

Upon some further research, there isn't anyone introduced in the comics that goes by the name of Blue Beetle and looks anything like this guy. So that must mean someone else acquired the scarab. But to do so that means that Jaime Reyes dies.

And considering how often people die in this show (or in the comics for that matter), it would be a big deal. And it couldn't just be any simple thing he dies from. He'd have to have been killed.

But who could kill him with the scarab? The scarab activates the suit and weapons when Jaime is in danger. If Jaime felt he was in danger, he would've stopped whoever was out to kill him. Unless he didn't realize he was in danger. Because the person who kills him is someone he knows. Someone he thought was dead.

Robin holds his own.
Robin holds his own.

My theory is that Jason Todd isn't dead (shocker). As we know, no one was aware of this fact. That includes Impulse who comes back from the future to stop the future. And it's because no one knows this that the future stays the way it is.

Let me explain how this could work out a little.

When the Light and the Reach have their confrontation, the Joker and a few other members of the Light are conveniently missing. When Jason Todd returns as the Red Hood, he kidnaps the Joker, according to the comics. This could account for him being missing at the meeting.

I think, during Young Justice, he is resurrected by Talia al Ghul in the Lazarus pit as an attempt to help stop the invasion. Because no one wants the invasion to actually happen. But Jason Todd comes back with a vendetta. He uses the lack of the Justice League and the invasion as a cover to get his revenge (or at least part of it). The missing Joker is not the first thing on the agenda for either the Team or the Light.

After the events of "Endgame" and with the Reach purged from Earth, I think he would reveal that he's still alive to his old friends. He might have heard that Jaime Reyes was no longer in control of the scarab seeing as how he kidnapped the Joker. The Joker and Jason Todd would not have known that this was reversed. So he would try and kill Jaime to stop the apocalypse from occurring. And I think, in order for the future to pan out the way we see it does, he succeeds.

The scarab then falls into the wrong hands landing itself on the person we see in the future. And it is because of Jason Todd that this occurs.

Could it be stopped?

Well that's what we need a Season 3 for. To find out if it could be stopped. Also to find out if I'm right about Jason Todd.

We deserve a Season 3 for Young Justice purely for the fact that we don't know what happens in the future. If the apocalypse is the future in store for our favorite characters. If it can be stopped. And if not, how does it happen?


Do we need a Season 3?


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